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Stay Off Drugs Rather Than Getting Off Addiction

Drugs and alcohol abuse is harmful to the extent that an alcohol addict or a drug addict is not able to function properly in society. He becomes dangerous to himself and the people around him whether they are his family, friends, or neighbors. Addiction might not be a choice but getting treatment definitely is one. It might not be simple for a person to admit that he has a problem but once he does admit it, he realizes that he has to get help. For this purpose, his loved ones can do proper research and try to find a suitable rehabilitation facility for him to help overcome his illness so that he can try to live a normal life again.

Holistic healing therapy for addicts

The continuous use of alcohol and drugs disintegrates the physical health of an addict but it should not be ignored that his mental health is also being deteriorated as these substances hinder normal brain functioning. Therefore, the doctors in rehabilitation facilities provide a complete treatment plan for the patient in which they employ a holistic approach and try to target every single aspect that may help the patient recover completely. Following are some of the aspects of holistic healing therapy.

  • Medication

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Medication is, of course, necessary for most kinds of treatments of illnesses. During detoxification, medication is used to help the patient when his body goes into withdrawal due to a lack of drugs. The only way to be happy is to overcome the addiction, Alkotox is a natural remedy for alcoholism, which can also safely eliminate hangovers and poisonings. Furthermore, throughout his treatment, medicines are prescribed to him according to the progress of his treatment.

  • Acupressure

The ancient Chinese people developed a technique called acupressure therapy. In this therapy, pressure is applied manually to specific points of the body and it is assumed that these points are linked to the energy lines in the body. It is a spiritual experience and it is believed to help in removing all the negative energy from a person’s body so that he may feel a sense of inner peace. If one wants to consider a scientific approach rather than a spiritual one, then it can be said that acupressure helps to alleviate physical points of tension by applying pressure so that the body fluids can circulate more smoothly and the body metabolism can also work more efficiently.

  • Barre

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Barre is a physical exercise and it is usually inspired by ballet dancing. It is conducted in groups and helps to improve body stability, flexibility, and balancing. It has low impact exercises and it helps in restoring the kinetic acuity of the patient. Moreover, the coordination of the patient’s body is also restored by ballet barre.

  • Mindfulness

Mindfulness is when a person is completely aware of his inner self including the things or sensations he is feeling at a particular moment. He does so without judging himself. This process can be done through varying techniques such as breathing methods, activities to reduce stress, or guided imagery. Usually, mindfulness technique is done at a specific place and time to make it easy for a person to focus completely but holistic healing therapy helps the person to maintain self-awareness even if he is not fixed in a place and is busy or preoccupied. Mindfulness is very helpful in becoming self-aware which in turn will help the participant communicate his feelings to others in an acutely appropriate manner.

  • Meditation

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Meditation therapy is the process for relaxation of the mind and focuses on the inner self by eliminating any external stimuli from consciousness. This technique helps with anxiety, stress and improves the quality of one’s life. It helps in improving attentiveness, eating, and sleeping habits and gives an overall positive mood to the participant. The meditative state helps the person in placing a space between the inner self of the person and his instinctive reactions resulting in improving decision-making skills.

  • Personal training

Physical training is much more than just toning your body shape and muscles. It helps in improving the physical performance, body composition, and heart functioning of the trainee. Moreover, the diet of the person has a key role in his physical as well as his mental health. This is why in personal training, the trainer calculates the body weight and mass of his client and then suggests appropriate diet and training exercises to make him fit. This workout plan is created with care and precision keeping the client’s current health condition in mind. The results of this technique include a positive body and mind, a stronger body to help combat potential diseases, a better sleeping routine, and becoming more energetic.

  • Yoga

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Yoga originated in India and it means “union”. Basically, in this technique, there are mental, spiritual, and physical practices. Yoga creates a connection between these aspects of the human experience. The application of yoga helps to combine the spiritual meditation and the physical points of the body helping in achieving a sense of tranquility. It is a low-impact activity that works to strengthen the body and make it more flexible. It manages stress and provides more energy simultaneously promoting a positive self-image and self-care. The mental, spiritual and physical activities in yoga help to improve the body and mind of the participant.

  • Reiki

Reiki originated in Japan and it means energy healing. Reiki may not be able to be proved scientifically but those who practice it, have faith in its effectiveness. They think that reiki works with the energy fields that surround the body which means that it is a kind of energy therapy and heals energy. Reiki practitioners believe that it helps with emotional states or may even reduce small amounts of pain, however, it is not helpful in treating diseases. In this technique, the reiki practitioner lays his palms over the body of the patient, and a “universal energy” is passed on from his palm to the patient’s body. In this way, his body is healed physically and emotionally. Another belief of reiki’s advocates is that in the event of a physical injury or some kind of psychological pain, the energy can get blocked and result in illness. Click here now.

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