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Who Are The Favorites To Win The Champions League In 2024?

A lot of people who love to watch football find the Champions League as their favorite tournament. The main reason is that we can watch some of the best European teams playing against each other. The last winner was a surprise since most people were thinking that Manchester City will finally win the UCL title. However, it is another proof that surprises are always possible, which makes football so interesting in the first place.

We can see that a lot of people already started making predictions about the next winner in the season 21/22. Teams are completing their squads, and we already had some big transfers during the summer. If you are a great football fan who is following transfers and other news, you can test your knowledge at some quizzes. You can visit to test how much you know about transfers and other things.

Moreover, bookkeepers already introduced the odds for potential winners for the following Champions League. However, there are many other factors that could make a difference during the season, like the performances in the league, form of key players, potential injuries, and more. Here are the current favorites for the 2024 title.

Manchester City

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This club is growing with each season. They are one of the best teams in the world. However, they never had enough luck to win the UCL. They were very close last season. When it comes to the squad, some big names have left, like Sergio Aguero and Eric Garcia. On the other side, there are rumors that they will sign Jack Grealish from Aston Villa and Harry Kane from the Spurs.

Still, even without these new players, City will have one of the best teams in Europe, with a leader Kevin De Bruyne, and superstars like Sterling, Mahrez, and others. The betting sites are offering only three times the amount if you bet on this team to win the title in UCL.

Bayern Munich

The biggest transfer is the signing of Dayot Upamecano from RB Leipzig. Besides that transfer, it doesn’t seem that there will be some crucial changes in the squad and tactics. Nagelsmann is known for excellent attacking strategies, and we expect to see at least the same performances from the most popular player, Robert Lewandowski. Also, players like Leroy Sane, Coman, Gnabry, Muller, and Goretzka can always make a difference. The odds for this team are 6 to 1.


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It is similar to it is with Manchester City. This club spends hundreds of millions on a squad that contains some of the best players in the world, such as Neymar, Mbappe, Icardi, Marco Verratti, Draxler, Di Maria, and many others, and they still didn’t manage to win the title. Therefore, we expect that they will have an even bigger motivation in the following season.

That can be seen with recent transfers as well. They brought Sergio Ramos from Real Madrid, Georgino Wijnaldum from Liverpool, Hakimi from Inter, Donnaruma from Milan, as some of the biggest names. The odds for them are the same as for Bayern Munich.


It seems like this club is too passive on the market this summer. They only finished one transfer by now. They bought Ibrahima Konate from RB Leipzig. However, it looks like that was the only thing they need at the moment. Van Dink is now ready to start the season. The midfield is decent even after the departure of Wijnaldum.

There are enough players for a rotation in the attack as well, with Diogo Jota and Minamino who can be excellent jokers and subs for main stars in the team, Sadio Mane, Mo Salah, and Roberto Firmino. Bookies are providing odds 7 to 1 for Liverpool to win the Champions League.


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We are waiting for some big transfers before the end of the deadline this summer. There are many names linked with this club, like Lukaku and Halland. Still, even if they don’t manage to buy any of them before the start of the season, they have a very competitive squad with big names like Thiago Silva, Kai Havertz, Kante, Pulisic, Werner, and others.

Their coach, Thomas Tuchel, has shown that he knows how to create the right formation against any team, and play well in both defense and attacking styles. They have surprised everyone with last year’s title, and bookies are giving 8-to-1 odds for them to repeat that.

Manchester United

They are working hard to come back to the top of the scene. The biggest transfer this year was the signing of Jadon Sancho from Dortmund. Fans are very excited to see him in a formation with Bruno Fernandes, Pogba, Cavani, Rashford, and other big names.

They were very good during the last season, and the fact that they now have a longer bench might help them to have better results in the European championship as well. The current odds for the MU are 12 to 1.


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It might be a surprise that Barcelona has so much lower ranking than many other teams. However, they are facing certain struggles, especially when it comes to financing. Still, they managed to attract some big names like Memphis Depay, Eric Garcia, and Sergio Aguero. Also, you should never underestimate a club that has Messi as a leader, and other superstars like Griezmann, Pique, Alba, and others. The odds are 16 to 1, but this club can always be a positive surprise.

Real Madrid

They are also facing certain financial struggles. Also, the main problem might be related to defense since the main two players departed to other clubs. They brought Alaba from Bayern, but that is the only big transfer by now.

Also, they again signed Carlo Ancelotti, and we are waiting to see how he can manage the club with these struggles. The great thing is that there are already many experienced and talented players in the club, both veterans and young potentials. The odds are the same as for Barcelona.

Last Words

These are the most likely favorites to win the title. Other teams that have lower odds are Juventus (20/1), Atletico Madrid (25/1), and Dortmund (40/1), and Inter (40/1).

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