How To Be An Amazing Working Mum? Read On

Gone are the days of ‘stay-at-home’ moms. According to Pew Research, “working” mothers are growing in number. In fact, more and more women with a young child serve as their family’s primary and sole “breadwinner.” The Center for American Progress noted that women comprise half of the labor force, with nearly 4 in 10 households having a working mother.

Over the last decade, gender-based societal norms have geared towards equality. Women nowadays are more educated than ever before, which opened up more opportunities for moms. The number of moms who are not part of the workforce has seen a steep decline since the 70’s and 80’s. Nowadays, working moms have become the rule rather than the exception.

Aside from career satisfaction and financial gains, many moms simply want to work because they know they are educated, talented, capable, and smart!

However, being a working mother can be very challenging. You have to juggle in between different roles: a doting wife to your partner, an amazing mother to your kids, and a driven worker at the workplace. Each of these roles comes with unique goals. Striving to be good at everything can lead to frustration, stress, and feelings of guilt.

8 Secrets Of The Best Working Mums

However, there are some things you can do to make sure that both your family and your career thrive. You need to have a plan, focus on each goal, get organized, and learn how to balance your roles. Here are eight secrets to become the best working mom.

Be realistic


As moms, we always want to give our best in almost everything. Unfortunately, setting near-impossible standards can only lead you to frustrations. To be a successful working mum, you have to be honest about your limits. Admit the fact that no matter how hard you try, you simply can’t do it all.

Delegate tasks

You need a lot of help. Domestic obligations can take up a lot of time, so get everyone in your household involved. Assign tasks to each one and encourage them to do their part. If you can afford it, you can pay someone to help you out or invest in home technologies. There’s nothing wrong with it. In fact, that’s the point why you’re working — to make your life easier. At work, you should also learn how to delegate tasks.

Plan your day


Dedicate time in your day to do your planning. It is best to write down your plan, so you stay on track towards achieving your objectives. Create to-do lists. You can find the best planners for moms reviewed on that have spread specially designed to help make your life more organized. You can use productivity apps on your smartphone.

Stick to your schedule

As a working mum, you have to be always on time. Schedule everything you need to do. Develop your hourly, daily, weekly, and monthly schedules. Know how to prioritize your tasks. To make it easier to recognize important tasks, you can use color-coding based on the urgency of a task. You can choose from among the multi-colored pens for planners for writing down your tasks and schedule.

Learn to say “no.”


You might feel guilty to say no. But having a full-time job and being a mother at the same time requires a balance of your time. Thus, you shouldn’t over-commit. You don’t have to attend all your kid’s school activities or accept additional work tasks. Saying no, however, isn’t that simple — it requires a skill. Once you’ve learned how to effectively use the power of “no,” you can free up significant time and stress.

Establish healthy working hours

Being a mother should take a primordial role in your life. Before taking in new work projects, make sure that you still have enough family time. Don’t take insane working hours. Periodically check your work-family life balance making sure that you’re able to meet all your roles satisfactorily.

Let go of perfection


A lot of mums strive to be perfect in everything that they do, from obsessively cleaning their homes to staying ahead of work deadlines. While aiming for the best is good, you should embrace the fact that perfection doesn’t exist. No matter how hard you try to achieve your desired outcome, some things just won’t happen. So, instead of obsessively cleaning a room, why not look for other more productive tasks.

Get enough rest and relaxation

R&R is crucial to avoid burnout at work and at home. When you are stressed out, you are unable to perform at your best and tend to be less productive. Even when you have regular work, you should still look for time for yourself to relax and clear your mind. Make time for fun-filled family activities and vacations. Make this a regular part of your monthly schedule.

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