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Unusual Hangover Cures – 2024 Guide

The phrase ‘I’m never drinking again’ has been uttered by many a man over the years, particularly during a stag party. There are many apparent ‘cures’ for the hangover out there, so we decided to take a look at some of the strangest ones from around the world

  • Sweat Swishing

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Now many people believe that heavy exercise such as a gym session or a run the morning after can help to relieve the symptoms, however some Native American cultures believe that once you have worked up a sweat you should simply lick it off of your body and swish it around your mouth before spitting it out. I think I’ll stick purely to the exercise part thanks.

  • Katerfrühstück , or Hangover Breakfast.

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Herrings may be a great snack to scoff down alongside vodka tasting, but in Germany it forms part of what they call the ‘hangover breakfast’. On an empty stomach you must east a plate of herring, gherkin and onion. I challenge anyone to be able to keep that down after a night on the sauce!

  • Dried Bull’s Penis

This one comes from Sicily where they believed munching on the genitalia of a bull would help get you back on your feet after one too many beers the night before. They were often preserved with salt and sugar so perhaps that’s where it’s healing qualities come from.

  • Armpit Citrus

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In Puerto Rico they believe that rubbing a lemon or lime in the armpit of their drinking arm will make everything ok again. Of course fruit can be good for a hangover, but I think it’s more effective if you put it into your mouth.

  • Turd Tea

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Another Native American one, they believed that having a nice cup of tea brewed with rabbit droppings would be effective. I have no idea why, to be honest it sounds like this one was originally a wind up that went a bit too far.

  • Reverse Ostrich

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In Ireland they believe that if you bury your entire body in the sand just leaving your head poking above the top then you’ll soon start to feel as right as rain. It’s believed that it has the same effect as a cold shower, which would make some sense. I still think I’d rather head to the local spa.

  • Umeboshi

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Off to Japan now for this one. The umeboshi is a fruit similar to an apricot or a plum which doesn’t sound too bad, however they’re so sour that they have to be coated in green tea first as people simply cannot swallow them. The method behind the madness is that they replace the electrolytes which are lost during drinking, however so does an energy drink which also tastes much better.

  • Pickled Sheep’s Eyes

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In Mongolia to get rid of a hangover they drink tomato juice. Nothing unusual there you think, however they also mix in pickled sheep’s eyes. I presume it tastes a bit stronger than an ordinary bloody mary.

  • Buffalo Milk

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Now this one isn’t actually real buffalo milk, but in Namibia they drink a cocktail of ice cream, dark rum, spiced rum, crème liqueur and whole cream. Whilst it wouldn’t be too bad at the start of the night, is all that dairy mixed with alcohol really a good idea with a hangover? Probably not….

  • Deep Fried Canary

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Ancient Romans believed that a deep friend canary was the answer. This one presumably stopped when the first branch of KFC opened in Rome…

Last but not the least- as sometimes the only true hangover remedy is by having another beer, you might want to know how to open your beer the fastest you can when the hangover strikes with full force… So here is some precious advice:

Every beer drinker knows that the real secret is to control the throat and keep it open whilst smoothly pouring the drink directly into the stomach. For those that find that a bit clinical and rather pointless, here are 4 alternatives.

  • For each person: crush 2 red hot bell peppers and blend with 1 tablespoon of tobasco. Add salt and freshly ground black pepper to taste. Drink in one mouthful. Wait for exactly 3 minutes with jaws clamped tightly together. Have the beer lined up and then, on the starter’s signal, drink the beer
  • This is simpler and depends on the assistance of a nubile female (or 2) and the libido of the drinker. Simply line up one beer per person and bring on the lady wearing nothing but a thong. The fastest drinker gets to visit her private room above the bar.
  • Sword swallowing is based on opening the gullet and letting the blade slide downward whist resisting the urge to puke your _ _ _ _ up. Simply enroll in a University course on sword swallowing to bring your swallowing performance to peak level, then drink the beer.
  • Drill a 10mm hole through each ear slightly downwards into the throat. This will help to draw in air at the same pressure as you draw in the beer and will speed things up by about 7%.For the serious professional: a combination of all the above should guarantee the highest speed

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