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The Essence of Major Brands’ Most Popular Watches and Why Are They So Expensive – 2024 Guide

We all love luxury and classy watches, and we certainly often wonder why, say, Breitling is so much more expensive than some Casio model and how come we can buy 100 pieces of Superdry watches for the price of one TAG Heuer? They are all watches, right? Sure, the answer is yes, but what if we imagine it isn’t?

The well-known question is why luxury watches are so much more expensive than fashion models? The reasons are numerous. Often a luxurious and classy wristwatch can cost you as much as a good used car, and you can buy an average Casio watch with the savings you collected only last month.

Tradition, Materials…

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The first essential feature by which watch brands known for luxury models, such as Breitling, IWC, Audemars Piguet, or Baume & Mercier differ from other brands are heritage, tradition, and prestige.

The above-mentioned brands can boast of a tradition of making watches for over 100 years, and the fact that they originate from the country of watches – Switzerland, also contributes to the greatness of their name. Do you need immigratioon services in Switzerland? This experienced team of lawyers at can help you.

These factors certainly affect the price, which differs significantly from the price of branded, fashion watches such as, say, Lacoste, or Armani Exchange models.

Factors that are determined to hold the price high, in addition to the reasons already stressed, are certainly the materials used in the production, which in terms of quality and durability far exceed those found within the fashion models of watches. That’s why your Zenith, TAG Heuer, and Rolex cost up to several thousand euros.

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The production of such luxurious watches implies the use of materials of exclusively top quality, workmanship, and mechanisms, but it also includes highly skilled workers who make it. Additionally, the complexity and difficulty of their task are on a completely different level compared to making watches that cost under € 500.

The vast majority of serious, luxury watches from the world’s leading manufacturers have a precisely made automatic mechanism which, if compared to the quartz mechanism found in almost all watches with a lower, i.e. more affordable prices, clearly shows the reason for the amount of the price assigned to them.

However, it’s important to note that such watches of serious workmanship and quality cost so much precisely because the people who buy them are willing to pay that much.

If no one had ever set aside and paid € 10,000 for a new Breitling or Bremont watch, then such a high price wouldn’t have been sustainable. However, the fact that customers are willing to pay more for serious and luxurious workmanship, as well as for the heritage and tradition such watches possess, dictates the amount to be paid and maintain a high price threshold.

Marketing Masters

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Another reason for the high prices of the watches we’re talking about is the fact that these are world-famous brands and absolute marketing masters. Whether celebrities actually wear the same models of watches they advertise in their private lives (considering their income, they most likely do) or don’t is one thing. But, precisely because these watch manufacturers are able to engage famous and impressive personalities as “ambassadors” of their brands, who add a touch of allure to entire collections and additionally maintain the high price level, gives us the illusion that someone we admire is wearing their latest watch model.

The world’s most famous manufacturers of men’s watches – Rolex, Breitling, and IWC – are such experienced blacksmiths that every watch model they design becomes incredibly ambitious and special. When we say that, we don’t mean only through representatives in the form of celebrities, but that the price of a watch – regardless of how high it is – ceases to be an obstacle and a person becomes convinced that he must have one such watch, leaving the price aside.

Collectible Items

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Now, let’s focus on one other thing. Apart from being observed as fashion and status symbols, luxury watches can become collectible items of high value. And, their price will skyrocket in years to come according to a recent article on watches and investment, from casino.betway. We base this on predictions saying that an estimated price of luxury watches produced exactly by the most famous manufacturers – Rolex, Breitling, and IWC – will be beyond apprehensible by 2030.

Among the top 20 watches listed by this criterion, Rolex’s models occupy as many as 9 places. For instance, the price of a famous Explorer will jump to € 8,447 in the next 10 years. Cosmograph Daytona will have the highest price, speaking of Rolex watches on this list, in 2030. The amount of money that will be then required to pay for this model is estimated at € 16,359.

As for models of the other two brands from the “big three”, the price of Breitling’s Navitimer 01 is predicted to grow at €12,162. Portugieser Chronograph, produced by the IWC, will cost € 9,657 in 2030.

There are more brands on the list but they are overshadowed by Rolex, Breitling, and IWC. Tudor’s trump Pelagos will cost € 4,824 in 10 years, while the value of Omega’s Speedmaster is to be € 5,629. Let’s not forget popular brands such as Hublot and TAG Heuer because their models are also among the Top 20 watches whose price will increase by 2030. The price of Hublot’s Classic Fusion Chronograph will be close to € 12,000 (more precisely, € 11,938), while Carrera Calibre 1887 Chronograph, made by TAG Heuer, will worth € 5,782.

All Watches Show Time, but…

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It’s also important to know that the price of such luxury watches is ranked differently: you can choose the TAG Heuer model for under € 2,000, or Hublot’s or AudemarsPiguet’s model, whose price is around € 26,000. There will always be one such watch for everyone’s pocket and taste because the choice is too wide – you can choose from different manufacturers that are currently more or less well-known on the market.

To conclude – there’s no one, real, and tangible reason why luxury watches cost so much more than fashion watches. It’s a combination of reasons that together make Rolex, Breitling, and IWC considered watches of superior workmanship and quality.

When you combine and consider the materials and method of manufacture, you’ll hardly be able to argue that any of these models of watches doesn’t deserve the price attributed to it, despite performing the same simple function as the Casio watch model for a much smaller amount of money – and that is to show the exact time.

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