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Should You Get Rid Of A Sentimental Old Carpet?

While some people can’t seem to finalize their carpet removal, others are not looking forward to it. You didn’t choose your carpet because it was ugly or uncomfortable. You went for it because you just love it. Over the years of your tie-together, you’ve fallen in love with your carpet even more.

Maybe it was the carpet you chose with your partner as you moved into your first home. Maybe your partner even proposed to you on that precious carpet. You celebrated birthdays in that particular room and it holds tons of more valuable memories. With all the sentimental attachments to your carpet, should you get rid of it anyway? If you do, check out for professional carpet removal. They’d be happy to leave some bits and pieces for you.

Let’s Face Reality First

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It’s understandable that you do have sentimental attachments to your old carpet. It’s been in your home for at least a decade and witnessed the good as well as the bad. However, let’s take a realistic look at this matter at first:

  • Carpet is highly absorbent for pretty much any substance. Allergens and dust gather in your carpet over the years and no deep cleaning can ever totally get rid of them all. The same applies to bacteria that also like to dwell in your carpet next to dust mites.
  • Does it still look nice like on the first day? Since it’s been with you for such a long time you don’t realize that it doesn’t look as fantastic anymore. Being a day-to-day item, it’s easy to get stuck in a rut. You may not notice the matted areas of certain stains.
  • With the carpet’s highly absorbent nature it also likes to absorb smells. Thus, old carpet tends to smell funny over time. As you spent most of your time in your home, you may not realize certain smells that actually originate from your old carpet. It becomes a part of your home.
  • If mold or mildew has started to grow in your carpet, you have no choice but to let it go.

Now The Good News

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You’re certainly aware of all the advantages carpet removal will provide you with. Unfortunately, most carpets simply don’t last longer than 10 years. If it was a carpet of high quality you might be able to get away with it for 15 – 20 years. But then you’ll definitely have to look for new flooring and arrange a carpet schedule.

It’s not necessarily grand either to become aware of the fact that your carpet is full of allergens, dust, bacteria, and in worst cases even mold. Yikes. No one wants to keep a dirty health hazard in his home. However, carpet removal also gives you the opportunity to keep some bits of it. Usually, an old carpet is mostly not as great to look at any more in those high-traffic areas. Those parts that have been protected by furniture on top of it over all those years are usually still fine.

One of the best pieces of advice for letting go of items with sentimental attachment is usually to take a picture of them. You probably already have tons of pictures that show your carpet. Neither can you touch the carpet through those images. Why not make use of the good parts that are left after a carpet removal?

A Gazillion Of Possibilities For Your Old Carpet

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Once you’ve cleared the room for the carpet removal, you’ll be able to spot the ‘good’ areas of your old carpet. Before you start with the carpet removal, you could mark those areas. Go ahead with the carpet removal and keep the pieces from the good areas. You may not be able to keep your entire old carpet as it will be too run down. But you can keep at least pieces of it and make something new with it:

  • Use the carpet for your new cat climber: Building your own cat tree is probably the easiest you could do and one of the best options to use up pieces of a carpet you love. Choose a stable pole, like a 4 x 4 and some wooden levels. Take a slightly larger board for the basis at the bottom.
  • Cut up the wooden pole into 11 to 15 inch long pieces. Drill a hole into the middle of the bottom board and use a long screw to attach the pole directly to it.
  • Make area rugs with your old carpet or doormats.
  • Use the old carpet for your ottoman as new upholstery. You’ll only have to cover your ottoman with your beloved carpet and attach it with staples and upholstery nails. Should you have to ottoman, a second-hand one will certainly also do.
  • Build a pet canopy with your old carpet. Your dog or cat has a new stylish private space to retreat to.
  • Cover the back of your bookshelves with your old carpet to give them a new look.
  • Incorporate a piece of your carpet into your hanging lamp. Just use the lampshade as a pattern to cut out a suitable piece. Cut a hole into the middle to pull through the bulb holder (remove the bulb first).

Final Words On This Carpet Removal Journey

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You’ll certainly get even more ideas about what to do with the remains of your old carpet. You’ll be able to see it for another couple of years to come. And you won’t have to get rid of your altogether after the carpet removal.

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