How to avoid unnecessary injuries while shaving your pubic hair?

Most men are afraid of shaving their pubic hair because they won’t want to injure themselves. A study has shown that one in four men have injured themselves while shaving their pubic hair. However, if you don’t shave the pubic hair, it could cause odor and become a hiding place for bacteria.

Therefore, shaving your pubic hair is a priority, but you need to avoid injuries. The most common injuries while shaving your pubic hair are cuts and burns. To shave down below without any injury, do the following:

Stand and trim

Most of the injuries that are related to trimming the pubic hair occur if the person is lying down. The best position when trimming your pubic hair is standing. As earlier said, the possibility of an injury is very high when you lay down and trim. When you stand to cut the pubic hair, you can see what you are doing.

Trim the pubic hair yourself


Injuries are more likely to occur when you don’t trim the pubic hair. Studies have shown that when a partner helps you trim your pubic hair, injuries are likely to occur. The reason is that your partner may not feel what is happening.

Don’t share a trimmer

it is not advisable to share your pubic hair removal product with another person. While shaving your public hair, tiny tears occur, but they may not be visible as much. However, even though the tears are small, they are enough to accommodate bacteria, viruses, etc. These bacteria can get into the body through tiny tears while shaving. You don’t want to contact STIs and so on. Also, another disease that can be transmitted when you share your pubic hair trimmer is HIV. These are injuries in different forms.

Shave carefully


What’s the rush when you are shaving pubic hair? You can shave hairs on other parts of the body hastily but not your pubic hair. Even though you shave carefully, your trimmer may also cause an injury. Therefore you need to opt for a trimmer designed for shaving pubic hair.

Using the right technique

In addition, using the right technique to shave your hair is also essential. It is best to shave your pubic hair downwards instead of upwards. When you shave downwards, it reduces the risk of tearing your hair spurs. Besides, hairs in the pubic region are often soft compared to those found in other parts of the body.

Take a shower and moisturizer after shaving


Using a moisturizer depends on your skin. Use a moisturizer before you start trimming your pubic hair. The moisturizer will soften the skin, and shaving will become easier. Nevertheless, you can also use a moisturizer after you have finished shaving to reduce dryness too. Ensure that the moisturizer is fragrance-free and would not cause acne. Also, find out if the moisturizer contains ingredients that will cause any skin irritation.

Features of an excellent pubic hair trimmer

Trimmer prices and features vary. Most often, the cost of the trimmer determines the quality you will get. A pubic trimmer should have the following features:

Gentle on the skin

A good pubic hair trimmer should be soft on the skin. Remember that the skin around your pubic region is soft. Based on this, the trimmer must be gentle. When the trimmer is gentle on the skin, it will reduce irritation and discomfort.

Easy to use


The shape of the trimmer ought to be considered before buying it. You don’t need a trimmer that is heavy because it makes it difficult to use around your pubic region. A trimmer should be lightweight for ease of use.


A good trimmer should provide results with little effort. You don’t need to exact too much pressure before the hair on your pubic region goes off. In other words, the blade of the trimmer should be sharp and responsive.

Cost effective

The brand often determines the cost of a pubic hair trimmer. Trimmers manufactured by popular brands are more expensive than those made by unpopular companies. Also, if the trimmer has advanced features, it will be costly.

How to find the best trimmer that shaves your pubic hair without causing injuries

Since trimmers vary and it depends on the brand, you may be confused regarding the one to buy. Also, the best way to find a good trimmer is to read reviews. Items sold online often have reviews about some of the product’s quality and other information. Don’t be a master of purchasing a trimmer online without reading reviews.

Secondly, a friend or family member can provide feedback about the quality of a particular trimmer they might have used before. If they recommend a trimmer, make sure it has impressive features and qualities.

How to maintain your trimmer


To keep your trimmer in good condition, you must take specific measures. Keeping your trimmer in good condition can be with the following ways:

  • Keep in a cool, dry place
  • Lubricate the teeth of your trimmer after use
  • Brush the teeth of the trimmer after using it
  • Find out if the trimmer has wet or dry capabilities

One of the best maintenance tips for trimmers is brushing off the hair after use and using a good lubricant to grease the teeth. Usually, waterproof trimmers are also good if you can afford it.


Trimmers are not supposed to cause any injury when you use them. However, if you don’t maintain or keep the trimmer in good working condition, it could cause injuries or burns. Opt for a lightweight trimmer so you can move it around quickly. Finally, the trimmer’s cost doesn’t determine whether it will work well. Choose a brand that is cost-effective and offers quality. Buy a waterproof trimmer for men so it doesn’t get bad when you use it in the bathroom. Nevertheless, always follow the trimmer maintainance tips highlighted here if you want yours to last longer. Check online to compare prices of trimmers too.

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