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3 Best Epilators for Face 2024

Having facial hair for women is something completely natural and common but is still in most cases kept secret. But when that facial hair is not taken care of it can change a woman’s facial structure, complexion and all in all beauty. It can also affect a woman’s self-confidence and how she presents herself in the world.

To combat this we’ve made a list of the best facial epilators in 2024 has to offer and while making it we looked at a couple of factors like effectiveness, speed and comfort. Let’s take a look at some of the best epilators from this year.

  1. The Emjoi AP-9L Epi Slim

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This facial epilator has a great design and it’s size is small and comfortable for use. It’s very portable so it’s great for someone who travels often and as far as batteries it takes 2 AA batteries which are not included.

The head has 9 tweezers for full removal of hair. To remove the facial hair all you have to do is glide the epilator over the area you want to clear. But to make sure you don’t get pinched you can pull the skin taut. This epilator is especially good for soft facial hair but it can also remove coarse hair but not as well. You can also use this on other parts of the body like the bikini line and underarms.

  1. The Remington EP7030

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Our review team loves this epilator because it comes with a comprehensive set of features and because it’s fully waterproof so you can use it whenever and wherever, even in the shower or bath. But this isn’t just an epilator you can pretty much use it on any part of the body.

It has a good design and the head has 40 sets of tweezers and head itself is very flexible so it adapts to the curves of your body and makes sure you don’t miss a single hair. The epilator has two speed settings which enables you to remove both fine and coarse hair at the roots. The slow speeds removes fine hair and the fast speeds removes coarse hair. There’s also a narrower precision cap so you can even go into detail when removing hair and as a bonus it has a massaging cap which lessens skin irritation which contains aloe vera.

  1. Remington EP1050CDN Facial Epilation Tweezer System

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Another Remington model on our list, what makes this one different is that it is budget friendly, it doesn’t have all the different features the last one offers but it makes it up with wits great price and still gives you amazing hair removal. This one is also completely waterproof.

The biggest difference though is that this one is designed just for the face and not other body parts and the head has only 6 sets of tweezers unlike the 40 sets the former one has. This epilator uses a single AA battery but it’s rechargeable and it costs quite less than the EP 7030.

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