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How to Win a Used Car Dealer with a Good Attitude During Negotiation – 2024 Guide

The good thing about a used car is that you can get it at a much lower price than the initial offer. With excellent negotiation skills, you can bring home a quality car at your desired amount. Car dealers know that their initial offer isn’t necessarily the final price. They know that the potential buyers will ask for a bargain, so the initial price is quite high.

Several factors come into play when negotiating a deal. You can start by checking the car and determining if there are repair issues. If you can point the problem out, the dealer might give you a lower price. You can also take the car out on a test drive. If you encounter a problem while driving, you could inform the dealer about it. As long as you can point the issues out nicely, you can get a better deal.

Attitude matters a lot

Before you take a victory dance after pointing out the car’s issues, the final decision still rests with the dealer. If you’re too arrogant when negotiating, the other party could walk out of the deal immediately. You need to be patient and try your best to reduce the price as much as possible.

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You need the dealer

You can always pretend that you can leave the dealership if you don’t get what you want. However, the dealer can call your bluff and let you walk away. If you found a quality vehicle at a reasonable price, you’re walking away from a huge opportunity. You will regret not taking the deal and showing the right attitude.

You can say that the dealer needs you too due to the quota requirements. However, if the dealer offers a quality used car, you’re probably not the only potential buyer. If you walk out of the deal, someone else will be there to give a better offer.

Maintain a poker face

Even if you already got what you want, you still need to maintain a poker face. You can’t show the dealer that you’re too excited to close the deal. Who knows? The price could be lower than the initial offer. Dealers are excellent at maintaining a poker face and lying about the price. You can at least try hiding what you feel.

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Don’t be too defensive

There’s nothing wrong with pointing out the issues with the car you want to buy. You might have the chance to lower the cost, if these issues were true. Asking the mechanic to check the car would also help. You need to prepare for a response from the dealer after pointing out the problem.

You can also respond to it, but you should maintain diplomacy. Don’t be too defensive since you’re only asking for a favor. You should also avoid demeaning the vehicle. If you say terrible things about it, why do you wish to buy it in the first place? The decision on whether or not to grant your request lies on the dealer. If the discussion becomes heated, you might not get what you want.

The dealer might not take the bait

Your last effort to convince the dealer to take your offer, is to walk out the door, and pretend you no longer want it. Before you do so, you should realize that the dealer might not be desperate to sell it now. If you hope that the dealer will run after you, it’s not always the case. Some used cars are of excellent quality, and dealers have several potential buyers. If you don’t take the offer, someone else will. You can only use this strategy if you’re okay with the idea that the dealer won’t take your bait.

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Dealers know each other

If you displayed a terrible behavior while negotiating, and even insulted the dealer, you can’t expect to get a fair deal anywhere else.

Dealers know each other, and the person you spoke with might warn other dealers about you. It means that even if you try to change your attitude, it’s already late. You made a terrible impression, and even insulted the dealer’s job.

Calm yourself down before entering a dealership

You already know that getting a deal is complicated. You will have a hard time bringing the initial cost down, especially if you like a car that looks new and with terrific features. You might even get desperate to bring it home, but you still couldn’t afford the final offer. At that point, you will begin to feel frustrated. Therefore, you need to calm yourself down before entering a dealership and be optimistic.

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Establish a good relationship with the dealer first

Don’t consume yourself with the negotiation process. Bringing the price down shouldn’t be the first thing to do. Start by establishing a relationship with the dealer. Talk about common interests and discuss the features of the vehicle. You can only talk about the price later in the conversation.

You might even be friends with the dealer, and you will be the first to know if there are excellent deals later that might interest you. Return the favor by letting your friends know about the dealer, and promote the positive services you received.

Be grateful

If you got the price you requested, you should be grateful. Not everyone is lucky enough to have the opportunity to bring home a quality used car at a reasonable price. Even if you failed to get it at the desired price, you should still be thankful. Everyone runs in circles. You might have a chance of meeting the same dealer in the future for another transaction. If you already showed how terrible your personality is, you can’t expect a better deal. You might want to buy another vehicle next time, and you can’t ask for a bargain again.

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You can find several quality dealers right now, such as Hopefully, you pick the right model and enjoy your car.

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