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How to Make Money with Old School RuneScape – 2024 Guide

Undoubtedly, RuneScape, this MMORPG created by Jagex in 2001 has reached the peak of success, remaining among the games with the most users in the world, it has a Guinness record that names it as the most popular game in the world and to this day it has that title. The reason for the success of this beautiful game is that its content is extremely complete and despite being discontinued when it comes to graphics it continues to dominate the market thanks to its Old School style of play.

For these reasons, many people look for hackers every day to help them progress and generate money much faster in runescape, but we have bad news for you, it is not possible to hack this game, or you will not be able to do it unless you are a computer genius, the Jagex team has impressive computer security, as well as a banning system that we could recognize as one of the strongest in the world.

How to make money with RuneScape?

In addition to being a great game, it also has its own economy, which is based on supply and demand, but goes beyond this, the game’s currency has an exchange rate in US dollars, which, although it is illegal in the eyes of the creators, millions of dollars in coins are still handled in this game, thanks to this many people use it as a method to generate extra income.

Important Note: I personally recommend you buy 20M (3-4 will be for the membership and the rest will be to apply the method, with this you can have a profit of 1-10 dollars depending on how the market is going, of how long you dedicate to the method and the ability you have to apply the method).

There are infinities of pages where gold is bought and sold. You can also sell it on those sites.

Changing flex – members only

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Turning to Flex is a reliable technique to bring in cash almost immediately. With this technique, it is necessary to reach ten levels in the formation of players, in which the lock can be effectively improved by making spin gear.

The best way to take advantage of this strategy is to buy gold from the amazing trade and then go to the stronghold of Lambridge. The Lambridge Cheetah is a curved eagle bank that makes it easy to get around quickly and easily.

This technique involves the use of a twist wheel to turn a turn into a command. At the moment, the best trades and bows can cost four gold coins on the flex, as there are 100 and nine gold coins in the price at the moment. These expenses will enable the players to reap extraordinary benefits and at the same time train their creativity.

The skin of social opportunities is available to everyone

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This technique involves athletes collecting cows and turning them into cliffs. They can collect cows by getting them from big business or by hanging them in one of the houses in Lambridge. When enough shepherds have gathered, the players should line up for Al-Khairid, east of Lambridge. According to the guide, there is a shop in Al-Khairid with pottery shirts where players can pay a small fee so that the retailer can turn his stove into a cowboy. By visiting banks and retailers, players can turn chickens into calves long ago. So far,

The price of 100 and 52 coins of Gohaids is amazing and the price of leather is 200 and 16 coins so that the players can get a beautiful advantage. This strategy is possible in the same way that if a player has more money to get started, he should be removed from the legendary removal of the snake bite.

Sell ​​the gold on runescape

  1. From the Virtual Machine or from another pc, which has a different IP from yours (for that we use the vpn). You need to create a new account with a real email so you can verify it.
  2. Since you have the 2 accounts, the main one (where you have the gold you want sell) and the virtual machine account (mule account) you head to the Duel Arena.
  3. Once you are in the Duel arena with your 2 accounts, you proceed to make a combat.
  4. In the combat, you have the possibility to bet objects or gold. Thus, with your main account you bet the gold that you want to pass to your mule account.
  5. Sometimes they only let you bet small amounts that is only 1M. So if you want to spend 30M, you have to do this 30 times.
  6. If you don’t want to repeat the process so many times my recommendation is that you buy an expensive item that costs about the amount of gold you want to sell so as not to have to repeat the previous process so much, although remember that later you will have to go to the big market to be able to sell it.
  7. When you have all the gold you want to sell in your mule account, since you have in the virtual machine or in another pc, you will only have to communicate with the page that where you bought the gold.
  8. When you contact him, you will tell him that you want to sell the gold, and he will tell you that the minimum is 30M and the maximum is about 400M at the same time, after say the amount you want to sell and the payment method you want receive the money.
  9. He will give you an address where you have to give him the gold, he will also give you a world and the character to that you will give send the gold.
  10. When you see the character to whom you must give the gold you just have to give by right clicking on it and a menu will open you have to choose the option “Trade with … “
  11. A trade menu will appear and you have to select your gold and put the amount you are going to sell let’s say it’s 50M.
  12. You send him the 50M and it will be left to go to confirm that you delivered the gold so that he will make the payment in the payment processor you have chosen before.
  13. Your mule account will be eliminated for selling gold, and your main account will be generate gold as long as you follow the rules. This way, nothing will happen to him.
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There are several methods associated with RuneScape monetization. Everything is available, you can even buy RS3 gold right now. Financial transactions within the scope of RuneScape are now even easier, as the global community of RuneScape players continues to grow from day to day.

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