How to Inform Boss about Resignation in Simple Steps

How to Inform Boss about Resignation in Simple Steps?

As per the data of the Bureau of Labor Statistics, it is found that every year around 3 million employees leave their job voluntarily. And the main reason behind this that the employee gets better and exciting opportunities in some other companies. However, there are several other reasons as well which forced the employee to quit their job. During such a situation, it is very essential to inform the employer about your decision well before the day of exit so that the employer can easily find a suitable candidate for your replacement.

But before you tell your boss you need to remember a lot of steps that we have described in this article. But if you need to check the templates r samples of writing a resignation letter you must check it here on

Steps for informing your Boss for your resignation

The following are the steps that you will need to follow for writing a resignation letter for quitting your job:

  • Make sure of your decision: Before you inform your boss about your resignation it is very important to make sure of your decision of quitting the job. If you are leaving your current job for joining some other company that is offering you more salary or benefits or position then you should make sure that your job offer is finalized and official. It is very important to make sure that you have a place to land after quitting the job.
How to Inform Boss about Resignation in Simple Steps
  • Email your boos: It is better to email your boss keep the HR Manager in Carbon Copy (CC) so that you have a written proof that you have informed the employer about your resignation well before your last day. Sometimes what may happen is that people inform their boss verbally and at the time of exit there become some issue. Hence it is always better to send an email and keep the HR manager in CC so that it is formally recorded.
  • Give the standard notice period: It is important to give a proper notice period. Generally, when the employee gets the job the notice period is mentioned in the offer Based on that notice period you have to give notice to your employer so that your employer gets enough time to recruit a suitable candidate who can take over your duty. So, it is always advisable to give full notice as mentioned in the offer letter. But in case you have some emergency and cannot give full notice you should request your employer to release you soon and in such condition, you have to give a strong reason for your early leaving.
  • Be ready to leave immediately: Even you mention notice period in your email id there is no guarantee that your employer will not tell you to leave immediately. So it is always required to prepare for leaving the job at any time and pack up all the personal items before your boss says anything.
  • State the date of your last working day: When you will send the resignation letter to your boss make sure that you have mentioned the last working day. Mentioning the last working day help the employer in getting a clear sense of your timeline. Thus it becomes easier for the employer to search for a suitable candidate in your place.
Inform Boss about Resignation 3
  • Expressing gratitude: You must thank your employer and show your gratitude for all the help and facilities that he had provided you during your entire reign of work in his team. This will help to maintain your relationship with the employer.
  • Conclude: Conclude the teller with proper closing terms such as ‘Sincerely’, ‘Thanking you’, etc. and put your name and signature.

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