Common PC Issues You Need To Call Professionals For

Various companies and private technicians doing computer repairs at home, in the office or their workshops are now quite sought after and widely represented even in relatively small places.

The Computer Is A “Part Of Every Modern Family”

This is not surprising at all. Today, computers can be found in almost every family, even in multiple versions. If we are talking about companies or offices, then it is impossible to imagine their premisses without computers and associated office equipment.

Nowadays, major processes are performed by using computer technology, and nothing is the same without it.
Although we have wide choices today when it comes to computer repair and assistance – this choice can be quite difficult. Moreover, sometimes the result of a “computer expert” job can be very disappointing. So, how to find the balance between quality and the price? We will try to give you some answers.

Two Types Of Computer Failures


There are two types of computer failures:

– mechanical failure
– software failure

Mechanical failures concern the technical components of the computer itself. Repairing them requires opening your computer device. On this occasion, the hardware and all components are checked individually. Software failures affect the operation of the operating system. This problem is most often caused by a virus, a faulty driver, an inadequate operating system, etc. It is not necessary to open a computer for this type of repair, but everything is done through software programs.

Select Service Technicians

There are numerous instructions and programs for malfunction diagnosis on the Internet. However, if you are not proficient in this field, we advise you not to do anything on your own.
Lay fault diagnosis can cause serious damage to your computer. You don’t want to lose all your data. In this case, you can significantly empty your pocket. Not to mention your computer that may lose all important data.

Also, a poor selection of service technicians can make quite a problem. No one will tell you: I can’t do it, you better go to another expert. Knowledge, skills and the right equipment are key in this business. Without it, you can only increase your headache. And you don’t want that – do you?

Most Common Computer Failures

When you bought your computer, you probably thought that it would serve you seamlessly for at least the next five years. This kind of thinking is often the product of the marketing stories of the hardware vendors you purchased your computer from.

However, they didn’t tell you everything. You need to have your computer serviced once a year, and if you are not one of those who spend hours and hours working on your computer every day, then you should have your computer serviced once every two years. Using your computer on a daily basis is likely to have repeatedly encountered work problems that require professional help. Here are some common issues…

Data Loss And Recovery


Data loss can occur for many reasons because there are also different types of media failures, such as physical, logical, and mechanical failures that lead to these issues. In any case, regardless of the type of damage, physical or logical, you should seek the help of a professional and increase the chances of complete recovery of seemingly lost data, which very often can be of greater value than the medium itself.

Any incident that carries the data loss with it – should be approached very seriously and precisely. It is because of their value and importance to both large companies and the average computer user.

Each data loss can have different causes and therefore this problem is approached differently. To find out how can you recover your data, view more. In a large number of cases, recovering data at a certain percentage is feasible, while fewer failures where the medium is so damaged that the data loss is as much as 100%.

Also, if you do not know the nature of the failure of your HDD, as well as the amount of data loss, you should avoid data recovery programs that can be found on the Internet. In most cases, the opposite will happen, which means even greater or complete loss. Therefore, always seek for the professionals who will do the best they can and work in the conditions such failures require.

The Computer Is Slow

There are several causes for these symptoms. First of all, it should be checked that there is enough space on the system disk. For smooth operation of the operating system, it is necessary to always have at least 2-3 GB of free space on the system disk, or approximately 5-10%. If you have checked and found that the system disk has the necessary free space, the next thing to look out for is antivirus software.

Many computer users are prone to install more than one antivirus program because of their concern for their security. Antivirus software is designed to work independently without the presence of software of the same purpose from another manufacturer. A computer service will always recommend an adequate antivirus program.

The Computer Works – But Does Not Display The Image On The Monitor


This is one of the common scenarios on computers that come for a service. Assuming that the monitor is OK, the suspicion first falls on ATX power. Before you decide to replace the power supply, make sure that your computer plays one of the tone service signals from the motherboard beeper. Short beep signals indicate that the computer has taken a self-test and that it is probably okay. Long beeps with the equal time lapse between each – this is a notification that something is wrong with the RAM.

One long and three short beeps give notice that there is a problem with the video card. If no such sounds are coming from your computer, the power supply is likely faulty. The worst option is that after replacing the power supply, the same problem remains, indicating a system board malfunction. If you are not skilled enough for such repairs, the advice is to contact a professional.

Why Call Computer Service?

Professionals will always solve the problem quickly and reliably. When you fix a fault on your own, you will likely make the situation even worse – especially if you are not sufficiently trained in this field. Professionals will strive to solve your every problem quickly and efficiently. Professional services also cover a wide range of services and activities, from service to website development.

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