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Trading Cryptocurrency: Can You Get Rich?

 As technology continues to advance and develop, the way we view trading and currency will continue changing as well. Not only are professionals looking for new, innovative ways to trade, but they are also constantly searching for ideas on how to make the entire process easier than ever before.

Although present for a few years now, cryptocurrency is still a relatively new form of currency that has taken the world by storm. People became aware of it when its prices skyrocketed and it soon became a serious asset for accumulating wealth. Today, there are many professionals and semiprofessionals who make a very good living trading in various digital currencies.

Now, you might be wondering if it is possible for a regular person to make a living by trading cryptocurrency and the answer to your question would be that it is absolutely possible.

Moreover, virtually anyone can try their hand at it as long as they are ready to do some research, learn the ropes, and be disciplined enough. If one is prepared for such things, then it is possible to make not only a good but a great living buying and selling digital currencies.

So, if this has piqued your interest or you are considering becoming a trader, here are some things you should know about.

Things to Have in Mind Before Diving Into the Trade

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1. Cryptocurrency Prices Are Extremely Volatile

Volatility (when an asset’s price rises and drops very quickly) is a big part of crypto trade and it is quite common for prices to drastically move up and down in a single day. Although sometimes these changes can be predicted using certain tools, it is still quite an unpredictable market.

2. Be Prepared to Accept Losses

Trading Bitcoin, Ethereum, XRP, Tether, and any other digital currencies will not always turn out the way you have planned. This is why it is crucial to learn to accept losses when they occur and never try to make them back by taking extremely high risks.

3. Determining Your Target and Stop Losses

Having expectations on the amount of money you would like to earn is important, so setting targets or goals is necessary too. The optimal way to steadily grow your income involves investing no more than 1% of the total available amount of money you have for trading. Even though this seems like a small number, it will keep you from experiencing major losses in the future and also help you grow your income at a steady, organic pace.

Protecting your investments from sudden drops in prices, especially when you are not in front of the computer, can be done by setting stop-loss (a price limit that when reached will automatically exit a trade).

Getting Started

First things first, doing research and finding a great trading platform should be your number one priority. Your choice should primarily be based on the features that it offers, as well as how much or often you plan to trade.

If you are planning on trading 24 hours a day, a good platform would be one that offers and lists numerous pairings – two different coins that are being exchanged.

Binaryx is one such exchange platform that provides an optimal trading experience to all. Not only does it allow traders to buy and sell cryptocurrency but it also offers a unique social trading module. The platform provides all the necessary features such as buying and selling more than 40 cryptocurrencies, stop limit, as well as market limit. Registered users will be able to trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, EOS, and many others by utilizing all the best features and they will also be provided with an optimal security system.

There are other things you can utilize the platform for. Not only can you buy and sell cryptocurrencies with Binaryx, but you will also have access to a marketplace for traders. You can dive into crypto trading by utilizing Binaryx Marketplace which offers users a chance to find professional traders, cooperate with them, and learn all the ropes of cryptocurrency exchange. It is also a great place for established traders to offer and monetize their skills and expertise.

The social trading activities allow users to create portfolios and build a reputation which is a well-developed system that showcases the trader’s current performance. By displaying the best of the best, users and investors will be encouraged to hire professional traders. Trading is somehow complicated, you can visit to learn more about it.

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Once you have selected a platform and are signed in, the next step would be to consider how much to invest and deposit. The market is susceptible to drastic and sudden changes, so it is always better to start with a smaller amount first.

Take your time to familiarize yourself with the platform you are working with and understand all the useful features it has to offer. Learning about the properties of such tools and how they can benefit you will help you identify and determine when there is a high chance for a currency to drop or rise.

However, there is no way to guarantee whether your prediction will be right, so always be prepared to exit a trade if it is not going well.

What Qualities Make a Great Trader?

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Besides doing research and gaining knowledge about the market, a good trader is self-disciplined and has great emotional self-control. It is important to know when to stop trading when things are not optimal and one should never let their emotions cloud their trading decisions.

Focusing strongly on your goal and being responsible with work and financial management is also necessary. Going into crypto trading full time requires a lot of determination, so even when things are harder than usual, one needs to push themselves and keep going forward.

Remember that practice makes perfect, so even if you make mistakes, make sure you learn from them. If you notice you are lacking certain skills, put some effort and try to learn and perfect them.


Cryptocurrency trading can be a very lucrative career that allows a person to live a very comfortable life. However, that is only possible if one is willing to put in a lot of work, effort, and time into gaining knowledge, experience, and skills to truly become an extremely successful crypto trader.

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