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You Can Now Play The Original “Doom” In Minecraft

We’re all lucky enough to be living in an age of video gaming where almost anything is possible. If you want to play big-budget, cinematic games that took teams of hundreds of people several years to create, you can do that on consoles or gaming PCs. If you’re after something …

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Best 5 Traditional Jewish Games

The one thing that makes Jewish holidays different from others is that everyone is included – from the grandparents to the youngest kids. There is a wide range of activities and games that are played during specific holidays, and although they might look simple, kids enjoy engaging in them quite a …

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Gaming Enthusiasts’ Greatest Nightmares and How to Avoid Them

Gaming Enthusiasts' Greatest Nightmares

Games are supposed to calm, relax and help us meet new people, right? Then why on earth do we have to deal with so many problems just to play a damn game! The gaming industry has advanced so much in the last few years and still, there are so many …

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