Keep Your Restaurant Staff Happy and Motivated with This Technology

Keep Your Restaurant Staff Happy and Motivated with This Technology

The statistics about how frequently restaurants close down are grim and well-known — the restaurant industry has never been easy, and it’s only getting more competitive. Any steps taken to improve a restaurant’s prospects are important, and new technology like employee scheduling software is specifically designed to smoothen operational aspects that help your restaurants in ways your managers and employees will love.

Here are a few important ways this software keeps your restaurant staff happy and motivated.

Excellent Schedules, Right Away

Spare your team from annoying, time-consuming tasks by significantly reducing the time it takes to create schedules by as much as 80%. This lets them focus on where they’re supposed to work and simply makes their lives easier. They’ll appreciate how this software shaves off 70% of the time that gets wasted by texting and calling during the process of schedule creation.

But employee scheduling software doesn’t just make the schedule creation process faster and easier, it produces better schedules. The automated aspects factor in constants like labor laws, and they’re complemented by manual inputs that take your employee’s ever-changing personal lives into account.

Managers get an alert if someone is about to be scheduled for overtime, meaning shifts are dispersed evenly and the restaurant avoids incurring a needless expense. This software is powerful and complex, so click here and learn more about other features like POS integration and manager-facing dashboards.

Keep Your Restaurant Staff Happy and Motivated with This Technology

Communications, On the Fly

Employee scheduling software keeps your team connected remotely, in a way that’s natural and effortless. If there’s an emergency and a manager needs someone to cover a shift, they can send a message to the entire team. Everybody gets a notification on their phone, so there’s little lag between when the message is sent and when people read it. Whoever can cover the shift can tell the group right away, and just like that, the problem gets solved.

Your staff can also remotely notify their manager when they need time off. This means they don’t need to wait until they are physically at work before submitting a leave request. They’ll be grateful for the chance to keep their personal life organized in advance.

Feedback That Counts

You can’t keep your restaurant staff happy without knowing how they feel. Employee scheduling software lets your staff give feedback after every shift, and lets them do it anonymously so they can feel comfortable submitting their real views.

Aside from trying to please your staff, your frontline workers have important insights that you can benefit from. There are always improvements or tweaks that can be made to how your restaurant operates, and these changes should be informed by your staff’s eyes and ears. Software that relays your staff’s perspective gives you important insights and intelligence about your restaurant.

Keep Your Restaurant Staff Happy and Motivated with This Technology

Every restaurateur is looking for a leg up in business, but sometimes it’s hard to know what path to take. There can be an overwhelming number of potential solutions available, and not all of them are truly helpful. Your staff will love how employee scheduling software makes their personal and professional life easier, and you’ll love having more motivated employees.

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