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How to Choose the Ultimate Fashionista Jacket

Tastes of people are different, aren’t day? However, if you a fashionista type of person, then you definitely have some idea of how you would want to look. You are probably following the latest trends in the fashion industry. Because of that, you do not hesitate to spend more money on clothes.

We know that the temperature is high while you are reading this article. However, this is the perfect moment to prepare for the winter. Many people that are big fashion fans will tell you that looking nice during the winter is the hardest. You need to wear a bunch of clothes and look stylish at the same time.

One of the ways to solve this problem is by buying a trendy jacket that will keep you warm but also help you improve your physical appearance. That is the reason why we decided to share a couple of tips on how to choose the ultimate fashionista jacket. There are a couple of things you should put into consideration before spending money. Let’s find them out together!

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Waterproof – One of the Most Important Features!

Let’s imagine that you purchased a fashionista jacket that will make you more noticeable on the streets. It is probably great when you grab the attention of many people, but what’s the point of spending your money if the jacket is not waterproof?

People hate winter because of the rain and snow. If their jacket is not water-resistant, these two things are going to damage it. Plus, you will always be wet, which will result in having a cold more often than you would want.

So, what exactly should you do here? First of all, you need to be sure of which material the jacket is made. Manufacturers will always write down on the label how many layers of that material are there and which parts of the jacket are exactly covered. We suggest you look for materials that are similar to the basic raincoat. In that way, you can be sure the jacket you plan to purchase is waterproof.

Check Out the Type of Insulation

As mentioned, the purpose of the fashionista jacket is to make you look nice and keep you warm. Because of that, it is your responsibility to check out the type of insulation that a jacket has. For those that do not know, there are three types of them – synthetic, down, and pile fabric. All these types are good for some different reasons.

Let’s talk about down first. This is a usual type of insulator that will bring the necessary warmth during the summer months. Unfortunately, we need to highlight one disadvantage as well – it does not handle the moisture properly.

Speaking of pile fabric, it is the type of insulation similar to sheep’s wool. This confirms it is resistant to rain and snow and you will probably manage to wear it for years.

Finally, synthetic fiber also has its advantages and disadvantages. It handles the moisture pretty well, but they are not too durable. Because of that, don’t expect to wear it for more than 3 seasons (more or less, this depends on the manufacturer).

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Also, Choose the Perfect Material

Here comes the moment when you need to do small self-talk. Material is not only important for the quality of the jacket; you need to think about it in terms of style as well. If you purchase a jacket that is not matchable with your style, then there is a big chance you will regret it later. Plus, you will send a wrong message to people about yourself. Because of that, we would like to help you with a few more tips here as well.

Let’s start with the wool fashionista jackets. These jackets are durable and they often come in different designs. That is the reason why it can be a perfect choice for people that plan to match it with different colors and types of clothes.

A leather jacket is durable as well. However, it is dedicated to people that plan to wear them for formal occasions. In case they want to find something that will only look like leather, but still keep the casual style, then suede jackets can be an excellent choice.

Last but not least, if you are the type of person that respects the vintage style, then a faux fur jacket can be a good choice. It may not be as durable as the previous ones we described, but you will definitely look handsome and get the necessary warmth.

Look for some Specific and Additional Features

All the fashionista jackets are somehow unique. Because of that, you should not hesitate to check out the specific features they can offer. This doesn’t mean the jacket is better or worse if it does not have a specific feature that you would want to see. However, it can help you to make the final decision if you can’t choose between three or four models.

Anyway, the first feature you should look for is a removable hood. It can be an essential additional characteristic for people that live in the cold areas of the world. However, this jacket is only an excellent choice during the coldest days. When the temperatures become a bit higher, the hood can become unnecessary. Because of that, ensure it is removable before you order it online or purchase it in the store.

Another thing you should have in mind is that not all the extras are there to make your jacket stylish. Instead of that, you should look for those that are also practical. For instance, fur ruffs and fleece-lined pockets can warm you up even more.

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The Zippers Should Have Storm Flaps

At first glance, storm flaps seem like an irrelevant thing. However, if you live in an area where extreme weather is a usual thing during the winter, then a basic zipper is not going to be enough. You may look nice, but you probably won’t get the necessary warmth.

Final Thought

Checking out all the details we just mentioned will help you choose the ultimate fashionista jacket. However, if you do not find the appropriate online supplier, no one guarantees the jacket is going to be durable and comfortable. Because of that, we recommend you check out websites such as and find out jackets for various occasions. It is always good to have different options in one place.

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