God is Greater than Life with its Highs and Lows

If you are a believer, then you know that God is greater than everything in life, including life itself. You know that even with the highs and lows that you have in life, the Almighty will be there for you. He is there even when you feel that no one is there for you.

There are many millions of people who believe in God in some form or another. About forty percent of people believe in God, while another twenty percent believe in some type of higher spirit. This is a lot of people who believe in a higher power of some kind.

Think about this – when you are down because something bad in your life has happened, or when you are up because the most wonderful thing has happened – God is greater than that. You need to know that God is greater than the ups and downs and that He can help you in both your greatest tragedies and your greatest accomplishments. He will be there for you – all you must do is to believe.

This article will help you to learn more about this belief. It will help you to understand a little more about the Almighty and why you should believe. You can also do more research to find the information that you are looking for.

Attributes of God

1.He is Our Creator

According to beliefs, God is the Creator of all things. Everything that you see and hear is here on this planet because of Him. See here to learn more about that. You wouldn’t be here if it weren’t for Him.

If you believe in evolution, you believe that everything started on Earth with a primordial soup and that everything has evolved from there. You believe that there were first animals in the sea and sky and then humans eventually evolved from them. This is what evolution teaches and that’s what many people believe.

2. He is the Supreme Lawgiver

If you read the Bible and other Holy books, you know that He created all laws. In fact, many of the laws that we have in many countries are at least loosely based on the Ten Commandments. These laws are what we have all learned to keep the different countries on the planet from being free-for-alls and keeping them civil.

This concept also refers to the laws of physics. The Almighty has created these laws and that is why life works the way that we know it. If it weren’t for Him, life would be very different, if it were here at all.

3. He is Love

Of course, many people also believe that he is the God of love. He loves us all unconditionally – even when we make mistakes. He might even love us more when we make mistakes and turn to Him.

The form of love that He shows is altruistic with an outgoing concern for everyone. This is a greater love than you can show to another human – even the greatest of all loves. He doesn’t expect anything in return – not even your love back.

4. He is Full of Justice and Mercy

The Almighty sent his son, Jesus, to Earth so that we could all go to Heaven even if we have sinned. Jesus died for all the sins we had and will ever have: We just must accept that, and that Jesus is our Savior.

The love we have for each other, our families and friends, is nothing compared to the love that He has shown us all. Because He loves us so much, He can also forgive us when we sin. This is more than what we can say for most people.

5. He is Eternal

The Almighty was here before everything began and He will be here long after everything is gone. We have the promise of everlasting life if we believe that God is eternal and that when we die, we go to Heaven to live the rest of our eternal life with Him. Jesus promised this to us when he died on the cross.

If you want eternal life, you just need to believe that Jesus died for us on that cross. He died for all our sins. You just need to ask for forgiveness and believe that you will get to Heaven.

6. He is a Family

God is the family of Heaven and a part of our family, too. The family of God begins with the Almighty and Jesus. There is more to the family and more than just the Holy Trinity that many people believe.

7. He is the Great Healer


He is the great healer and has made it possible for scientists and doctors to do the work that they do. While we are still waiting for cures for many diseases and ailments, doctors and scientists are continually working on them. This is because of the knowledge that He led them to.

8. God is Greater than Our Highs and Lows

We all have highs and lows in our lives, and we will continue to have them. If we believe in the Almighty, these highs and lows can be handled better than if we didn’t have Him in our lives. People believe that the highs couldn’t be better, and the lows couldn’t be worse, but if we believe we can have help with those lows and can rejoice more with our highs.

9. He Will Reveal Our Future

No one on the planet can predict the future, but God can. He has told things that have happened in the past and things that will happen in our futures – the future of man. There are predictions of prosperity, peace, and plenty, and other predictions of horrifying things that man will bring on himself.

10. He Cares for You

The Bible shows many instances of showing that God indeed cares for you as a person and man as a species. He cares about what mankind is doing and He cares about what you are doing. According to 1 Peter 5:6-7, that you should “cast all your care upon Him, for He cares for you.”


God is there for you, for all your ups and downs, if only you believe. There are things that He can do for you and ways that He can make things better for you. Those ups and downs can all be better if you just believe in what He says.

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