Best Ways to Get More Followers on SoundCloud in 2024

In the earlier days, vinyl records and cassettes were considered to be the few ways of discovering music. All this completely changed 2007 onwards with the introduction of SoundCloud, a website giving more recognition to independent musicians. Slowly, musicians who were just starting, uploaded their music on SoundCloud to get more recognition which also included them to buy SoundCloud followers through various vendors like Jaynike.

A huge number of artists who have made it to the big stage got their breakthrough from SoundCloud. Once you get a certain number of followers and likes on your songs, You become a SoundCloud Premium Account with a verified orange mark beside your SoundCloud name. Buying SoundCloud followers is often considered to be an unorthodox method as nothing is better than some organic growth, but they all want to become stars someday and as soon as possible.

How to increase your followers on SoundCloud?

1. Know your Genre


SoundCloud is filled with underground sensations that have the best quality music out. Thus to get more followers, the most important thing is to know your genre. Know what kind of music you’re the best at making. It may not be a completely produced version but it should sound different. Thousands of musicians are more inclined towards rock and it’s completely alright if you are too. However, what can you do to be different from the others? This is where you must get creative.

2. Know how to promote your Music

The current generation has been blessed with social media applications like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter where musicians can share their music. Know how to promote and share your music. Release small 15 second teasers for your followers to listen. If your music is good, you will get plays on your track and of course more followers. Directly message your SoundCloud song link to your friends and family, every little thing counts. Nothing in this world is better than organic growth. Wonderwall did not become an overnight success and neither will your song. You’re going to have to work for it.

3. Believe in Mutual Support


Do not expect musicians to listen to your music and follow you if you don’t support their music the same way. To get more recognition, you have to recognize more artists. Like their track, comment, repost, and support them. Form a music community with fellow artists and your followers will increase. You never know which secret admirer might repost your song and make you big.

4. Collaborate

Collaborate with artists. Step out of your comfort zone and meet new people and know how they make their music. The more the collaborations, the merrier.

5. Upload High-Quality Audio


When uploading a particular audio/song on SoundCloud, it is always better to upload a produced wave version of the song for the sake of better quality when your listeners discover your music. Disturbances and car noises can often give away a bad impression. Head to a professional studio or your home studio, make a song, and upload it.

6. The use of Tags

When you are uploading your song on SoundCloud, you’ll notice a portion called “tags”. These are extremely helpful to reach more new people. If you’re into Disco Music and use tags like #disco, #EDM, you will likely get more listeners inclined towards listening to disco music. A lot of SoundCloud users follow tags to discover similar but new music. Certain universal tags can be used for any genre but know what particular tags to use for your song.

7. Stay Active


Once you’ve uploaded your songs on SoundCloud, make sure you stay active. Keep your listeners updated with all your upcoming music so they know you are worth following. Try to put out new songs whenever possible because new music is out almost every day. Your listeners may jump to another artist and get hooked to their music. Avoid such a situation.

8. Send your Music to Bloggers

Music Blogs have taken the internet by storm. Almost everyday bloggers put out articles about new musicians to look out for. How can you get featured? When sending your music to the bloggers, know what kind of music they post about, along with knowing their preferences in terms of music. Make sure you send them good quality audio. With close to 100 submissions every day, you have to be different. Don’t give them false expectations about how “you know your track is going to make it”. That helps no one. As long as you’re true to yourself and your art, you will be discovered someday or the other.

9. Keep Working


Never stop working hard. Keep going to make it. If your first track has got a good response, work twice as harder on your next track. Once people hear your track, they can also understand the amount of work you’ve put in which will make them want to listen to you even more. Never stop the grind.

Is Buying Soundcloud Followers Safe?

Some artists tend to take the shortcut and try to become an overnight success. This is when the option of buying SoundCloud followers comes in. In most circumstances, it is unsafe because to buy followers you will have to make a payment and give your SoundCloud account password as well. Most of the websites that advertise “buy followers’ mention that the entire procedure is safe but it is not. These websites have certain schemes such as buying 500 followers for $30 and the amount gets higher with the increase in the number of followers. With bots, your songs will not get the number of plays compared to your followers and people will start to notice that contrast which sets a bad impression.

To sum up, all the points, to have organic growth and more followers, stay true to your art, work hard, communicate with more artists, know your work, promote or advertise your track the right way, upload proper quality audios and you will witness significant growth in your followers.

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