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Step Up Marketing Game in 2024 – Here’s How You Can Leverage Digital Marketing With Free Tools

In today’s time, businesses are fighting to regain their customers after the coronavirus debacle. New marketing trends are expected to make moves. Apart from having all knowledge of continuously changing consumer behaviors, it is crucial to know the latest marketing trends. Especially in times when coronavirus has changed the face and fate of many businesses, sticking to the old marketing tactics will not help businesses in earning their spot back into their customer’s minds and hearts.

The coronavirus debacle has changed how businesses operate. From putting workforces into homes to bankrupting many small businesses, coronavirus spread has been a disaster for the US economy. However, the brighter times are approaching where people have adapted the required habits to survive in a “corona-ized” world. This includes having the right kind of essentials at home such as high-speed internet service to having all the knowledge of marketing trends to bring your business back to its foot.

While in this blog you are going to learn about how retargeting marketing techniques can help you bring the golden days of your business back, let us address the basics first.

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By basic, we mean the availability of high-speed internet service in your home, where were you are going to run your business for an uncertain time period.

There are a good number of high-speed internet service providers in the United States, but few names can match the reliability and affordability of Spectrum Internet service. Spectrum internet has great internet bundles that help businesses with high-speed internet for business operations at affordable rates. To know more about Spectrum and Spectrum internet packages just read more and get all the latest updates about the epic internet service.

Well, now that we know which internet service would help businesses in achieving their marketing goals and fulfilling their strategies; let us begin with some important marketing tips:

Get More Marketing Education

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The first step you need to take to become the guru of business marketing is to always be in a state of learning. Just before you think that you have gained all the needed knowledge to take your business marketing to new heights, know that trends change with a blink of an eye. Therefore, no amount of knowledge is enough.

Considering the times we live in that have never been experienced before, there are no extra marketing strategies or experience kept in spare for businesses to use. Many businesses were taken by surprise when the coronavirus spread became alarming enough to shut workplaces.

This complacency caused severe damage to businesses as they ran out of ideas to make sure their businesses operate during the coronavirus debacle.

Therefore, what you need to do is collect all the knowledge that can prepare your business for future crises. You should always have a plan in spare to use for times when there is uncertainty and bad situation booming.

To help you with this we have listed down a few free digital academies that will help you gain more knowledge:

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  • Google Analytics Academy: One of the best entry-level courses to collect and analyze data is Google Analytics Academy. The Google Analytics Academy helps to gain the essential insights that affect business decision making.
  • HubSpot Academy: If you are looking for online courses that can teach you about all aspects of modern digital marketing principles, including content strategy design like they do in TheDoe, email marketing, social media marketing, and inbound sales then HubSpot Academy should be your go-to place.
  • Hootsuite Academy: The platform that leverages the learners with paid certification courses, as well as free courses, have varied topics that you can gain knowledge on. Hootsuite Academy offers courses in media strategy building, advertising, content marketing, and more.You can get a certification in only paid courses.
  • Moz Academy: Digital marketing knowledge is not complete without having a basic knowledge of Search Engine Optimization (SEO). The Moz Academy is the best place to find the best crash course on SEO basics.

Apart from all these academies, the best way to keep up with the latest industry trends and the news is by following all reliable marketing news and blog sites.

Some of the trusted names include Content Marketing Institute, Search Engine Journal, Moz Blog, and Search Engine Land.

Explore Free Tools

There are a good number of free digital marketing tools that can help your digital marketing knowledge flourish, making it practical.

Here are some names to take advantage of:

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  • Hootsuite: The platform allows you to make social media posting programs easy. The platform lets your schedule posting for weeks and even months in advance. However, you need to have an insight into how your competitors are working on their social media profiles and posting to have better knowledge on how to schedule your posts through Hootsuite.
  • Followerwonk: Digital marketing has now given a major space to influencer marketing which is great for businesses to find their way back into their customer’s brains by fueling their favorite influencers. The Platform allows you to find all the relevant influencers in your industry by analytics follower counts, Twitter bios, and engagement rates of influencers. The platforms save you all the time that goes into finding the best influencers for marketing your brand.
  • UberSuggest: What is digital marketing without having hands on the basics of SEO? SEO can be complicated for small business especially who have a limited budget to give to SEO analyst and specialist. To help out Ubersuggest lets them find what people in their countries are searching for within the industry or niche.
  • Trello: Trello helps businesses track their milestones and also helps them facilitate project collaboration and reminds the stream members about the deadline of orders. This tool is best to make your small businesses come out as the most professional name out there.
  • Canva: The serious sizes and intrinsic configurations make it brisk and easy to make tall pictures in any size in the center. So enjoy using these tools.

Read on for more useful information:

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