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How to Acquire a US Visa for Gifted People – 2024 Tips

There are various forms of visas open to foreigners who wish to work and live in the United States. One of the methods to apply is through your exceptional ability. O1 visas are for individuals with outstanding talent in the fields of science, music, education, business, or sports, or who have exhibited records of extraordinary achievement in film or television production and are known domestically or globally for such successes.

Characteristics of the 01 visa:

Many characteristics comprise the 01 visas; if you wish to know more, click here for further information. However, compared to other forms, the category O-1 visa has many advantages, but it also has unique drawbacks. Validity Period

An O-1 visa will guarantee the validity of your residence in the United States for three years. And it can be expanded without limitations as long as you can justify to the USCIS that you will need the extensions to complete your work in the USA.

Dual target

When you skip the extensions and stay in the United States indefinitely, the USCIS requires O-1 visa holders to qualify for a Green Card, thus the visa’s “dual purpose” benefit.

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Bringing families and support

Olympic athletes and film stars need to have a crew to help them. O1 visa applicants have the advantage of taking along their immediate family and support staff for as long as they are in the U.S.

In the case of certain forms of visas, the USCIS excludes applications that show the applicant’s intent to remain in the United States permanently. The USCIS needs all visa applicants to prove that they have a permanent residency in their homeland that they do not intend to leave.

Speed of submission process

The O-1 visa has a comparatively, quicker application process than other forms. Regular production can take up to two months, depending on where you file your application.

A yearly number of applicants

The USCIS has no restrictions on the number of O-1 visas they accept per year, as the amount of applications relative to other permits is not too high. Yet the number is increasing over the years. In 2015, the USCIS released 13,865 O-1 visas, a significant increase from the 8,589 O-1 permits issued during the fiscal year 2010.

O-1 visas are also beneficial because their favorable rating is around 80 to 95 percent depending on which service center obtained the application.

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Employer needs

An essential prerequisite when filing for an O-1 visa is getting a U.S. employer to work with and handle the petition. The USCIS will not require immigrants to manage their transactions without any support from a U.S. corporation.

To acquire a U.S. visa for those people who wants to live and work in the United States, here are the following requirements you need to have:

Extraordinary Ability in Science, Education, Business, and Athletics

Document of petition Requirements

The employer from the United States must file a petition (Form I-129) with the following:

  • A documented consultative opinion from a social group or an individual appointed by a group with knowledge in the areas of foreign expertise;
  • A copy of a written agreement between the employer and the immigrant, or an oral contract’s conditions to hire the worker;

Proof that the foreign has achieved a significant award, recognized globally, such as a Nobel prize winner, or evidence of at least three of these:

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  • Obtaining awards or honors for achievement in the area of study, nationally or globally recognized;
  • Participation in organizations in the field requires significant accomplishments, as determined by internationally recognized professionals;
  • Published information about the foreign and his work in the area, in specialized or extensive trade journals, newspapers or other media outlets;
  • Existing science, academic, or business-related accomplishments of significant importance in the area;
  • Writings of academic articles in technical journals or other media outlets in the field required for classification;
  • A large salary or other service compensation, as proven by contracts or other credible evidence;
  • Participation on a panel or critic of others’ work in the same field or in an area of study for which classification is necessary;

If the requirements above do not conform adequately to the applicant’s occupation, the petitioner may present similar evidence to determine the applicant’s qualification.

Exceptional Skills in Music, Motion Picture, and T.V.

Document of petition Requirements

A U.S. employer must file the I-129 petition with the following:

Written consultative view, characterizing the capacity of an immigrant as shown in:

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  • If the petition is by a person’s exceptional skill in the arts, the discussion must be carried out by a social group in the person concerned; or by a person or persons assigned by group expertise.
  • If the petition is on the individual’s exceptional accomplishments on the radio or tv industry, different consultations from a workforce and a management company with experience in the field of endeavor of the individual are required.

A copy of the written agreement or the conditions of an oral contract to hire the foreign worker;

Proof that the foreign has achieved, international honors in the specific field, such as an Academy Award, Emmy, Grammy, or evidence of at least three of these:

  • Rendered services as a leading or leader in productions or activities with a respected reputation as demonstrated by positive ratings, ads, magazines, agreements;
  • Accomplished domestic or international recognition for contributions, as illustrated in national papers, business journals, magazines, or other articles by or about the person in critical reviews or other written material.
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Since 2010, the USCIS authorized applicant has gladly supported O-1 Visa for eligible professionals. They serve a diverse community of excellent singers, performers, practitioners in the entertainment industry, actresses, models, dancers, designers, graphic photographers, scientists, graphic business staff. USCIS also presents innovative plays for U.S. clients. Click here if you wish to know more.

The above information is an enormous volume of knowledge to grasp. It will help you acquire a U.S. visa and give you the privilege to work and live in the country through your outstanding ability. However, like any other application, there are still considerations and requirements for you to comply with this visa. You need to know where you will be suited to the following criteria. If you are keen enough to change your life and live your journey in the United States, then start cultivating your talent.

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