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6 Types of Rubber Plugs and Their Uses – 2024 Guide

When Europeans discovered rubber among tribes in South America in the late 15th century, they had no idea how widely it would be applied in the coming times. And as you can see, even five hundred years later, the importance of the rubber has remained the same. At first it was sold as a new and unusual thing in fairs, and later it was used in every sphere of human life.

The rubber as we know it first appears today in the middle of the nineteenth century, when sulfur was added to the rubber and everything was heated to high temperatures. This process is called vulcanization. It is then that the importance of rubber begins to be realized, which further grew in the twentieth and twenty-first centuries with the progress of industry.

Rubber plugs are among the rubber items we encounter most often. Due to its characteristics, this material is ideal to seal something, especially if it is something that must not evaporate, such as chemicals. It is easy to get a plug of any size and shape and there is no other material of approximate or equal use-value.

Today we will introduce you to the types of rubber plugs and their uses.

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Why you should use rubber plugs?

There are so many reasons that we could write the whole text about it, but since it is not the primary topic of our article today, we will mention only a few.

Use and installation is very simple

You just have to fit it. Push into the hole you want to close. And that is it, nothing complicated, just that. You don’t need any tools, no extra work besides. And it will perfectly fulfill your need. All you have to do is properly measure the size of the hole you need. You must measure the diameter, but don’t forget to measure the depth you need. Neither too deep nor shallow will suit you. Not counting some very non-specific holes, this whole process will only take you a few minutes.

Endless choice

As you will read later in this text, there are a huge number of different types, which have the most diverse applications. We believe that you will find the right model for yourself, no matter what purpose you need it for.

You can easily obtain free samples

You will get free samples with so many different products, that you will be able to see for yourself the usefulness of rubber plugs even before you decide to buy them for a specific purpose.

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Different types and their uses

Plus plugs

This type has a special three hundred and sixty degree design. Due to such features, it is one of the easiest to install. It has a wide application, because it is very easy to put it in and take out of the hole, so it is very reusable, which is why most people opt for this model. It is most commonly used in manufacturing and shipping. In production, it has a role to play in allowing machines to work properly by holding parts that are prone to falling out. The shipping role is to protect items that need this type of protection.

T plugs

They have such a design that they are easy to put in most things and will fit in properly. The most common application is to close the tubing ends and ports, for protection purposes. They are ideal for shipping and if you have to keep something in storage and are mostly used in these cases. They are very cheap, and they have proven to be a great choice, so they are widespread and you have probably already saw them somewhere. Also, they are produced in all sizes, so you will always find the one that suits you.

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Washer plugs

The purpose of this model is very similar to one of the T plugs we wrote about in the previous paragraph. But there are still differences. T plugs only close the holes, and this model is made to cover the surrounding part of the hole as well. That way they provide even better protection if you need it to be protected even around the hole. Also, they often have two different diameters, so you can use one for several different holes, which makes them a great choice. They are also reusable and tolerate high temperatures very well. According to the etolrubber, you can choose between many materials, like, BIIR, NBR, EPDM, Silicone, Neoprene, FKM, etc.

Electrical connector plugs

As the name suggests, this type has a very clear application, and that is to protect electrical ports and connectors. Moisture, dust and all other types of dirt enter all appliances. From factory machines to our computers, all are affected by dirt. That is why they are very useful, because you will easily and simply protect your device from external influences. As ports and connectors come in a variety of shapes, electrical connector plugs can be found in all desired shapes. It varies in width, depth, shape, but you will find exactly the one you need. They are reusable, but due to the specific role they play, they usually cannot be used on multiple devices.

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Custom rubber plugs

Although other models have a very wide application and it is very likely that some of them will suit you perfectly, as if they are custom made, still sometimes consumers have very specific needs and requirements and then it is necessary to get them custom made. If they are going to be exposed to very high or low temperatures, if they are going to be exposed to some very strong corrosive chemical and things like that they have to be custom made to meet the needs and to avoid problems.

Pull plugs

They are significantly longer than the others and have a handle, which allows you to push deeper and thus close the hole on both sides. Because of the handle, it is easy to pull out of the hole after that, no matter how deep you push it. If they are made of silicone, they can withstand extremely high temperatures and are resistant to the influence of chemicals, so the application is wide in various industries and laboratories.


After reading this text we are sure that you have realized the usefulness of rubber plugs and that you already have idea where you could use some of these types.

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