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Telugu Music In Popular Movies

Telugu is one of the many languages spoken in India and is ranked fourth as the most used one in the whole of India. It is also spoken by many throughout the neighboring countries and throughout the world. With the Telugu language, the rich Telugu culture has also spread all across the country.

One of the most influential things about Telugu’s culture is its music and films. While Telugu’s music is mostly famous because of its close relationship with the film industry, records of the music have been found even since 300 BC. For more than 2000 years, the music has been advancing and has reached a level where it’s being spread all over the world.

Since the 1930s, India has had a great breakthrough with playback singing in its movies. By playback singing, we mean pre-recorded songs or lyrics by a singer and then the same song is performed through lipsync by an actor or actress. In the 20th and 21st century, Telugu music has managed to become very popular, influencing thousands of music artists who speak Telugu to start playback singing for movies.

If you are interested in playback singing and the Telugu language, here are some of the most popular songs in movies.

Sherlock Holmes – Agent Sai Srinivasa Athreya

While this may be a pretty recent film, released in June this year, the one soundtrack of this movie has become a major hit in India. The movie is about a detective who solves various FBI cases. The detective is played by the film star Naveen Polishetty with supporting roles Darbha Appaji Ambarisha, Suhas and Shruti Sharma.

The song was written and sung by the playback singer Anurag Kulkarni who first made his debut in the film industry just a few years ago.

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Anaganaga – Goodachari

Goodachari follows Gopi who is raised just by his uncle Satya after Gopi’s father has passed away. Gopi is played by the very famous Adivi Sesh and the movie was directed by Sashi Kiran Tikka. The whole album soundtrack follows accordingly with the dark action-spy style of this film. Goodachari had a great reception at its release, but it was praised for the great music throughout the whole film.

The music In Goodachari was composed by Sricharan Pakla, but the most impressive song to its audience was the song Anaganaga which was sung by playback singer Ambika Sashittal.

Yentha Sakkagunnave – Rangasthalam

Rangasthalam follows the deaf resident of the village Rangasthalam, Chittibabu. The deaf resident is played by Ram Charan and the supporting roles are played by Prakash Raj and Naresh. The film made a great impression on its release and the box office reached at least triple of the movie’s budget.

While the movie is viewed as a masterpiece by its fans, another great thing it offers is its album soundtrack. The whole album was composed by Devi Sri Prasad and all of the lyrics were written by Chandrabose. The biggest hit out of this album was the song Yentha Sakkagunnave and was the first one to be released as a single after the film.

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