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Top Benefits of Playing the Violin

Violins have existed for over 6 centuries with the earliest strings produced from dried sheep gut. With these many years of existence and modifications, the instrument remains one of the most admirable instruments there is. Knowing how to play the violin comes with a lot of benefits for children and adults alike.

In this article, we will be exploring the top benefits of playing the violin. It might influence your decision about learning to play or taking it more seriously.

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 It improves posture

Whether you are playing on your feet or from your seat, your stance or posture is important. Learning the playing posture and how to carry the fiddle are fundamental things you are taught. A beginner learns to sit uprightly with the back held up straight and squared shoulders. This is even before the beginner learns to handle the bow or play an open string. Posture is similarly important when playing on one’s feet. You learn how far apart you should plant your feet. If you learn and play the violin for long enough, you cannot miss out on improving your sitting and standing posture.

It improves your physical appearance and motor skills

Using the bow is a lot of physical activity for the right arm. The same applies to holding up the fiddle with the left arm and having your chin press it against the left shoulder. The rapid lift and shifting movements of the left fingers help violinists develop fine motor skills. This blend of physicality and delicateness gives violinists stronger upper bodies and better fine motor skills.

It relieves stress and helps mental health

Learning to play the violin or playing the violin is a healthy way of destressing. Whether it is the instrument’s soothing sound or the mere enjoyment from doing something you love, you can cope with stress by playing the violin. Scientists say that violinists are less likely to experience depression and anxiety. When you play the violin, your body releases hormones that help you relax and make you happier. Children who have some psychological disorder are thought to do better and remain calm when they play the violin.

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It makes you smarter

In 2011, some researchers found a correlation between a child’s word decoding skills and musical training. This correlation is a significant part of learning to pronounce specific words. Since words are basically sounds and the violin has to be close to the ear when played, it’s sounds tend to be picked easily. Therefore you can put that child or whoever has issues with reading in a violin training and be sure they will come out great at playing violin and reading.

Playing the violin improves brain function. It can enhance your memory capacity and attention span. In children and young teenagers, playing the violin develops their verbal and visual centres. It also improves their reading and speech function as well as their language. It contributes to the overall brain function and helps you become smarter. Also, learning to play a music piece improves your memory. The more you play and learn the piece, the more you can play it by heart. You will soon start seeing improvements in your ability to recollect things.

It opens you to different cultures

Music cuts across various cultures. And playing the violin opens you to these cultures. Different genres, ranging from classical to contemporary, help you learn about the world’s diversity. It increases your knowledge about these regions − musical or not. The advent of electric violins and the use in pop music makes it more interesting. The flexibility and versatility of the violin can help you explore various forms of music and cultures.

It helps you socialise better

There is this elegance you see when someone plays the violin. Playing the violin teaches you a great deal of self-awareness. Violinists are known to have great self-esteem. These features will help you in social gatherings. Not only is your hobby and music a good conversation topic, people generally love violinists. Being a violinist gives you a better social outlook.

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It gives you a sense of belonging

Asides from being able to socialise better (due to self-esteem) which violinists are known for, it gives a great deal of sense of belonging. This is because violinists, especially young ones, play in an orchestra which requires you to be coordinated in groups, pay attention, and wear a uniform. Also, violinists have been in existence for over 400 years, and the feeling that you are part of something bigger than yourself is thrilling. The sense of belonging can be a great relief from the pressure people face when alone or different, especially young ones in their adolescent stage.

It makes you time conscious and disciplined

Having to spend hours of your weekly schedule learning and playing the violin helps you understand the value of time, hence take it more earnestly. This realisation enables you to schedule your week to have a routine time for practice without making another activity suffer for it. That is discipline.

 It looks good on your resume or college application

Everyone loves good music. Employers and the college admissions board members love music too. This is aside from the fact that being a violinist shows employers you can commit to things and learning. College boards also appreciate applicants who prove to be talented in music. Who knows? Being a violinist might just fetch you a job or a college admission.

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As you can see, playing the violin contributes a lot to your psychological and physical well-being. If you do not know how to play yet, these benefits should be enough reasons to spur your interest. You can sign up for a violin class in Singapore at LVL Music Academy. And if you are playing already, whenever you need the motivation to keep learning or playing, remember these top benefits of playing the violin.

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