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Marketing 101: Retail Ideas on How to Display Your Products Effectively

Retail displays go a long way in attracting customers’ attention in brick-and-mortar stores. Market research indicates that the sense of sight significantly determines shopper’s buying decisions. Therefore, they are likely to buy from stores whose displays appeal to them. There’s so much that you can do to transform the display of your retail store into a subtle salespoint.

Here are some retail ideas that can help you display your products more effectively

Rotate the Displays Regularly

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In the retail world, the easiest way of ensuring that customers keep coming through your doors is to keep them guessing. This could entail changing your store’s displays regularly to ensure that they don’t get stale. In particular, new merchandise should get included whenever you change the displays since this will attract customers into the store to check them out.

By moving the existing displays around your store’s sales floor, customers will always be excited about what you have in store for them. After the arrival of new merchandise, gradually phase out the relatively new inventory that is still selling. For instance, this could entail moving the current front-row display to the middle of the store’s sales floor and the one in the middle of the sales floor to the back. Typically, shoppers’ interest levels and energy fade as they move around a store. It would help if you took advantage of this as you create your displays. Newest, best-selling, and trendiest items should be strategically placed near the front of the store so that even passers-by can see them.

Take Advantage of the Seasons

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During the year, there are always periods that are characterized by high sales. This includes the Easter season, Halloween, Thanksgiving, and Christmas season. You should take advantage of these seasons to boost sales at your store. It all starts with altering the store’s display to capture the spirit of the season, and what you are offering.
For instance, if it’s the Christmas season and there`s a space for you to get festive, you shouldn’t be afraid to do so. Your window displays should reflect the Christmas spirit since it is a convenient way of attracting shoppers. Therefore, you should always take advantage of the seasons by using your store’s display to celebrate those special occasions. While at it, you will undoubtedly attract customers.

Create Immersive Displays

The people from Stores Fixtures Direct claim that It will be easier to create a lasting impression on your customers if you make them feel like they are part of your display. Your storefront might be simple with only a few fixtures and racks, but you can still create a dominant theme by ensuring that other elements of your store such as the text and wall colors follow a unifying theme. In doing so, the overall effect will undoubtedly be powerful and capable of engulfing potential customers into your store’s “cool” theme, thus creating an immersive shopping experience. You
don’t need a fanciful display to attract shoppers to your store.

Instead, you only need a strong theme besides ensuring that the store’s display is in line with the message that you wish to pass across. Any retail merchandising expert out there will tell you that customers’ values and unique personalities ought to get considered when creating store displays. You should always keep your ideal buyer in mind. Visualize what your customers will appreciate so that you create a display that caters to their needs.

Put Tags on all Fixtures

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Customers hate asking how much an item on display costs, or even the description of products that you are selling. Putting tags on your items can help you display them more effectively to customers. From the storefront, they will get an idea about it. They will get an idea about the products that are on display and their cost. This will, it will be
easier for them to make the purchasing decision even before they enter your store to check out those products in person.

Use Mannequins to Market Apparel

If your store sells apparel and you have the budget, consider using mannequins. Often, shoppers make the purchasing decision by merely looking at mannequins and imagining how they’d look if they wore that particular piece of clothing. Sometimes, such shoppers lack time to try on the clothing themselves. Therefore, including fully
dressed mannequins on your store’s display can be the incentive that shoppers need to make the purchasing decision.

Consider Using Props

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You can attract the attention of potential customers by incorporating unrelated items into your store’s display. For instance, you can grab shopper’s attention by adding a stuffed toy elephant to complete your store’s Kitchenaid display. Undoubtedly, the stuffed baby elephant is unrelated to the items that you are selling, but it will help attract customers to your store. Although it isn`t necessary to include a prop in all your displays, this idea can help you bring in more customers.

Light Up Your Displays

Humans are visual beings. Therefore, you can incentivize them to purchase your products by utilizing good lighting to feature products that are on display. Accent lighting, in particular, will help you divert their attention towards your products. Good lighting creates visual interest in your products, besides making them more eye-catching. Always remember that accentuated lighting makes your products pop.

Leverage Cross Merchandising

Presenting your products as one set is a visually appealing and cohesive way of filling out your display space. Likewise, it is a tremendous upselling strategy. Cross merchandising also appeals to shoppers who have preferences for particular brands. For instance, if you operate a grocery store, you should consider one brand of granola bars alongside each other so that shoppers who love it can check out any new flavors. According to, flyers could be very useful as a marketing tool for announcements of the new discounts and special offers of your shop.

When it comes to today’s shopping experiences, consumers have more choices than they previously had. The easiest way of appealing to smart shoppers is displaying your products in an eye-catching manner, besides giving your store’s displays the perfect blend of fashion and functionality. In doing so, you will create a distinctive shopping experience at your brick-and-mortar store, thus improving foot traffic and sales.

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