How Do I Make My Android Phone Sound Better? – 2024 Guide

Everyone prefers watching their favorite movies or listening to music of the best quality possible. But some smartphones don’t let you have that experience. Their volume is too low, or the sound is muted or of poor quality. While you might experience poor sound quality in specific locations due to a weak signal on your android smartphone, sometimes its inherent attribute is to blame.

The audio quality on some devices is so poor that what you hear is either mostly unintelligible or the connection keeps cutting out. You either have to dial the person back, reconnect the melody system, or bear it as it is. It is a typical issue in most smartphones today because the engineering giants are more focused on making it a supercomputer while forgetting that it is also a telephone.

Thankfully, there are a few techniques you can follow to enhance the audio of your device:

Check the Phone Cover

Carrying out this task might be effortless for some people but transformative for an awful lot of others. This check is recommended if you notice that the case you’re using interferes with your handset’s performance. Although a brand offers the case and the device is usually compatible with it, it might not fit as snugly as it should if you buy from a third party.

The wrong casing partially covers the external speakers of your device, which causes deadening of the sound profile. You can notice the difference in the quality by listening to music through speakers with the device covered and then listening with the case removed. If it sounds significantly clear, it is time to get your smartphone a new cover, preferably one that does not cover the speakers.

Get Quality Headphones


If you don’t know already, you’ll be shocked to learn that the headphones provided by the brand along with your smartphone are of inferior quality. Whether you buy from a reputable brand or a startup, every manufacturer cuts costs wherever they can. By offering substandard quality audio gear along, they might be able to lure you into purchasing, but their quality will be poor.

That’s why we suggest you invest in quality headphones and throw away the poor-quality ones. It is the easiest way of enhancing your music listening and movie watching experience. It won’t take much to enhance the quality of your experience when you replace them with newer pieces.

Invest in a Portable DAC

Nowadays, you can easily spot people listening to music while traveling in the metro or walking home from the bus stop. You can hardly find anyone doing anything else besides it. Carrying a pair of headphones wherever they go has become one of the most basic tasks. But it is essential to note that technology today is advancing swiftly.

The old wired headsets that were in trend once upon a time have been replaced with Bluetooth ones. Now, if you listen to anything on them or take a call, their sound will undoubtedly be disappointing. But you can fix the issue with a portable DAC (Digital-to-Analogue Converter).

The chips used in a mobile phone to drive the audio work compromisingly. Other features such as portability, energy efficiency, and the need to produce various sounds cause trade-off in the audio strength and quality. Investing in a DAC is one of the highly efficient ways to bolster your device’s audio output to the levels initially intended by the creator. If you invest in a pair of high-impedance headphones, you will notice the difference quite accurately.

As external DACs are available in various shapes and sizes, you can choose one according to your requirements. We recommend using iFi xDSD and Chord Mojo if you’re looking for sheer sound quality; Audioquest Dragonfly if you want a portable item; and Creative Sound Blaster E5 if you prefer wireless convenience with outstanding audio quality above anything.

Stream in a Better Quality


Some music apps don’t output better sound quality because they are set to low by default due to poor internet connection or saving data. But if you’re not concerned about either, we suggest you bump up the quality by altering the app’s settings. You can also set unique music ringtones or download music from for free.

If you use Spotify, open the Settings -> Music Quality -> Very High. It will boost the quality to 320kbit/s. If you’re an Android user who prefers using inbuilt apps, you can increase the quality by heading to the App Settings -> Cellular Data -> Turn on the High Quality on Cellular toggle.

Download an EQ Application

Android mobile phones usually come with preinstalled equalizers that let you adjust sound effect levels to make the best out of the audio. Depending on the genre you’re listening to, you can try various equalizer presets or create custom presets using a controller. Although Android has always supported these apps, some exceptions are not equipped with the feature.

If your mobile phone is one of them, it might not be an excellent experience for you. But you can still enhance your experience by downloading one. It is the best fix for poor audio quality issues as it does not require you to invest in a new phone-sized device and take it wherever you go.

You can download a suitable EQ app to tweak your device’s current output to suit your tastes. If you are an Apple user, get EQu or Equalizer+, and if you are an Android user, get Music Volume EQ. These apps will let you enjoy warmer, bassier, and airier sounds on the smartphone you’re using currently.

What Causes Issues With Android Smartphone Audio Quality?


Before you attempt any of the above fixes, it is essential to understand what caused the quality of your smartphone to deteriorate in the first place. Once you learn about that, you’d be able to avoid the issue from occurring in the future or might handle it a little shrewdly.

  • The (DND) Do Not Disturb mode is active on the Android smartphone.
  • Your speakers or headphones are undergoing some hardware errors.
  • An app controlling the system’s volume is running in the background.
  • The device is tethered via Bluetooth to another gadget that plays sound.

Final Words

Even after ruling out these reasons, if your device is still undergoing technical errors concerning audio quality and volume, you can try sound boosters and equalizer applications to improve their performance. We hope this article assists you in enhancing the audio quality of your device so that you can enjoy the art without worries.

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