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CBD for Sports Performance and Recovery – 2024 Guide

Sportspeople put a lot of strain on their bodies. They do this to achieve their desired goals, but this can also have a detrimental impact. The prolonged wear and tear, as well as the physical trauma, lead to injuries. To counter the effects of strenuous training regimens, more athletes are turning to oil. Research has shown that CBD is beneficial to the human body, which is why the sporting community is increasingly embracing it.

Can Athletes Use CBD Legally?

CBD is an extract of the marijuana plant, and for years, the plant was illegal and frowned upon by many people who regarded it as an addictive drug. Thankfully, research has helped to unravel the benefits of marijuana to both the general population and sportspeople. The removal of it from the list of banned substances by the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA) attests to its benefits.

The legalization of medical marijuana in some states, as well as the removal of CBD from the list of performance-enhancing substances by WADA, has significantly changed people’s perception of cannabis. However, athletes should keep in mind that CBD is the only cannabis compound expunged from the prohibited list.

Therefore, they should be aware of the cannabis products they use, lest they find themselves on the warpath with WADA and other regulatory agencies. This highlights the significance of purchasing products from a reliable seller. Once an athlete starts using products, he/she will experience its benefits instantly. Here are the benefits of oil in sports.

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Strengthens the Immune System

An athlete can only perform at the highest standards if his/her immunity is strong. It can help strengthen the immune systems of athletes, thus making them less susceptible to infections and stress. By regularly using high-quality CBD products, your body will be in top condition at all times. Indeed, this offers you a competitive advantage.

Reduces Inflammation

Some bit of inflammation is required for athletic performance since it stimulates adaptations to strenuous training regimens. However, too much inflammation affects athletic performance besides hindering recovery. CBD binds to your brain’s CB2 receptors, thus providing an anti-inflammatory effect.

Besides, when it is used in the form of creams, ointments, and lotions, it alleviates the pain linked to post-workout recovery. The anti-inflammatory effect of marijuana speeds the recovery process. It slows the breakdown of muscles after you undergo intense exertion. It also combines with ECS to hinder cortisol production. This is a stress hormone that prevents tissue growth and regeneration.

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Relieves Pain

Faster, stronger, higher: These are common jargons in the athletic world. Athletes will do anything to realize their goals. However, this comes at a cost because, at some point, they always suffer injury. Undoubtedly, an injury will affect your performance, whether it’s in training or actual competitions.

Injuries result in pain, which can sometimes be debilitating. CBD increases the pain threshold of an athlete. For instance, it reduces muscle cramps and other discomforts related to athletic performance. In cases where an athlete undergoes surgery to treat injuries, CBD lessens the pain besides ensuring faster recovery.

Improves Sleep and Relaxation

After putting your body to strain, you need a good night’s sleep. Getting better and more sleep is an effective way of attaining more significant gains in training. CBD is known for providing a certain calmness that’s necessary for a night of proper and restful sleep. This helps your body to recover from the strain that you exert on it.

Many athletes put their poor performance down to lack of rest in-between workouts or competitions. An athlete who regularly uses it is likely to sleep faster and for longer. This helps in muscle recovery, besides enabling the athlete to prepare for upcoming competitions better.

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Enhances Metabolism

Athletes need to be in tiptop condition at all times because obesity is out of question. Even so, their bodies have demanding nutritional requirements. It keeps athletes in peak condition by increasing their metabolism, thus enabling them to keep their weight under control. It also suppresses their appetite and cravings for foods that might be detrimental to their careers.

Improves Fitness and Endurance

The oil activates and balances your endocannabinoid system. Consequently, it improves your endurance and fitness levels. When you attain peak physical condition, you’ll have the endurance to participate in strenuous workouts without the risk of injury. Therefore, it offers you an athletic advantage.

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Enhances Muscle Gain

When recovering from sports injuries, the muscles become dormant. It stimulates the muscles throughout the recovery process and ensures muscle gain. CBD products are particularly beneficial to athletes whose goals are muscle gain and power building.

By enhancing the recovery process and preventing inflammation, CBD enables such athletes to build their muscle mass faster and sustainably. It is known for its anti-catabolic properties. It helps slow down the degeneration of lean muscle tissue. It also limits catabolic hormones in your body. Moreover, the antispasmodic properties of it help to prevent muscle spasms, thus enhancing athletic performance.

Improves cardiovascular health

Thanks to its ability to reduce blood pressure, CBD is a therapeutic solution for different cardiovascular conditions. Cardiovascular health is essential to top-notch athletic performance, and there’s no better way of ensuring this than using CBD.

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Decreases Nausea

The intense workouts that athletes undergo disrupt blood flow to the stomach and this often results in nausea. CBD has an anti-emetic impact, which helps to suppress nausea during and after workouts. Athletes also experience inflammation in the intestines, which leads to a lot of discomfort.

CBD doesn’t solve the stomach problems that result from overheating and dehydration. However, if an athlete has underlying issues that could be causing gut problems before or after workouts, it can reduce the symptoms.

Final Thoughts

It’s evident that these products can be a natural supplement that enhances athletic performance and supports sports recovery. Previously, these products were only available in marijuana dispensaries, but they have now become mainstream. One exciting thing about these products is that they don’t have the psychoactive effects associated with marijuana. This makes them perfect for athletes.

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