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6 Best Warframes for Starters in 2024

Warframe can be an intimidating game at first glance. Its gameplay mechanics can be challenging for a new player. Surprisingly, although Warframe is considered as one of the best free-to-play MMORPGs out there, it doesn’t get much attention. Mainly because of the game’s steep learning curve. 

However, for hardcore gamers out there who are up to the task and want to try out this fantastic game regardless, and if it’s your first time playing this game, We’ll give you the best Warframes to start with to make you quickly learn the game. There are currently 39 Warframes to choose from, but we’ll look into our top 10 Warframes and find out which is the best Warframe for you.

Starting Warframes

When you first start the game as a completely fresh player, you will be choosing from the three default Warframes. We will include these three in our top 6 list because obviously, the game developers intended these to be the starting Warframes because of their relatively easy controls that can quickly familiarize yourself with the game. 

1. Excalibur

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The most recommended, if not, the best Warframe to start is Excalibur. The game will literally and purposefully make it the first one you see. The reason being, firstly, he has the highest HP among the three starting Warframes making him harder to kill as you learn the gist of the game. His skills are very straightforward and easy to understand. Yet on his own, he is one the best DPS Warframes because of his Exalted Blade skill. 

In the later parts of the game, you can even unlock his upgraded version: the Excalibur Umbra, which has more firepower and skillsets. Not to mention, he has exclusive mods (modifications): The Condition Overlord for his Exalted Blade and the Chromatic blade, which are relatively easy to obtain later in the game. 

2. Mag

Mag can is considered by many as the “magician” in the game. Due to her AOE (Area of Effect abilities), she can set up to bigger moves for her teammates. Her skill Pull can make her enemies like magnets pulling them together, making them easy targets for headshots and instant kills. Picking her first is a good idea as her blueprints take a while to collect. 

Mag can be a bit squishy, though, making her somewhat harder for new players to enjoy, so you may want to consider that thought. Regardless, Mag is a formidable Warframe, capable of dealing massive damage to multiple enemies at a time. With enough practice, Mag can prove to be a powerful Warframe.

3. Volt

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The speedster of the bunch, Volt, is a heaven-sent teammate. His speed buff grants his party a significant amount of movement speed, making it easy for the party to navigate around the map and finish missions quickly. Of the three starting Warframes, however, he is the squishiest one and is the hardest to control in the first few hours. 

Volt’s mods and equipment take longer to obtain, and you can quickly notice and feel weak using him. On the other side of the coin, He has, by far, the strongest late game capabilities among the starter Warframes. So if you can get around the cons and focus on the pros, Volt can be the most fun and challenging Warframe to start. 

Mid Game Warframes

We’ll also recommend these 3 Warframes due to these factors: easiest to unlock, beginner-friendly skills and controls, and strong late game capabilities. These reasons will set you up as you explore more challenging and difficult Warframes later on.

4. Rhino 

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The Tank Warframe of the game. Pretty much like Excalibur, but with higher HP. His skills are any basically tank users would ask for. He can use Iron skin the increase his defense, Buff up his teammates with roar, Stomp, and charge his enemies in rage. If you want an all-out damage dealer who is hard to knock down, Rhino is the perfect choice for you. 

5. Loki

Just like the god of mischief in Norse Mythology, Loki in Warframe has similar abilities. Able to sneak behind targets, climbing walls faster than any other Warframe, switching positions with enemies, and confusing them, Loki is a fun player to have on a team. If you enjoy looking at the confused faces of your enemies and would rather defeat enemies using cunning skills and wits rather than brute strength, Loki is the Warframe to choose. 

6. Harrow

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If you’re more of a support kind of player, you may want to consider Harrow as he is one of the most sought out Warframe and fits perfectly in any squad. His skill, Condemn, disables enemies while juicing Harrow an Overshield. He can then use that Overshield and convert it to and AoE weapon that grants health. Harrow is one of the most versatile support classes you can try to master. 


Picking your first Warframe seems scary, but it doesn’t have to be. At the end of the day, If you want to enjoy the game truly, pick the Warframe you like and not get bogged down by specifics. That way, you can focus more on how to strengthen your Warframe with equipment and modifications. To learn more tips and tricks on Warframe you could check out 

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