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4 Kinds of Equipment That Most Construction Startups Should Own

If you’re in the process of launching your own construction company or you’re considering the idea of becoming a contractor, you may be wondering which investments will be absolutely necessary to get the ball rolling. While certain purchases can be postponed, there are a number of critical pieces of gear that you absolutely can’t go without if you want to be able to reliably complete a typical project. To ensure you’re fully prepared, here are four kinds of equipment that every construction startup should own before getting started:

1. Personal Protection Equipment

Keeping your workers safe and preventing accidents should be your top priority as the owner or manager of a construction company. While you should always have insurance that will cover you in the event of a workers’ compensation claim, it’s still necessary to give your employees the gear they need to avoid serious injuries. Components to consider in this category include construction harnesses, helmets, safety goggles, gloves, work boots, and fall-breaking cushioning that can be positioned below staff when they’re working at elevated heights. For more info visit

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2. Storage and Security

Once you’ve got everything you need to keep your employees safe on-site, it’s time to start thinking about protecting and storing your company’s gear and equipment during off-hours. It’s never a good idea to leave equipment unsecured at a job site because you could return the next morning to find that it’s been stolen or vandalized. Transporting every component to and from the site on a daily basis is never ideal, so it may be better to set up portable storage containers and install a site surveillance system to keep watch over everything remotely during downtime. 

3. Load-Bearing Stands and Tractors

Every construction startup should have a well-rounded collection of load-bearing tools, levels, heavy machinery, and other industrial construction equipment that can be used for digging and moving large building components or debris. However, you don’t necessarily need to start out by owning these tools, as you can usually find rental providers near most major metropolitan areas. In fact, it’s often smarter to rent the more expensive tractors and tools than to buy them outright in terms of short-term profitability.  

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4. Comprehensive Industrial Tool Kit

Of course, every self-professed owner of a construction startup should start out with a professional catalog of tools that can reliably accommodate any job. To give you an idea of how much that’s going to cost, the average construction startup spends between $5,000 to $20,000 on tools and equipment within the first year of business. However, you may be able to use payment plans and leverage your business credit to convert that cost from a large upfront expense to a doable monthly bill. 

The Right Tools and Equipment Will Make Every Job Easier

In closing, it’s important to realize that your construction startup’s ability to deliver satisfactory results in a safe and effective manner will depend entirely on the equipment investments you make early on. To keep yourself from scrambling to find the necessary tools after landing your first contract, it’s best to step into the endeavor fully prepared ahead of time. 

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