Keep Your Facebook Password

Where to Keep Your Facebook Password?

If your passwords are different for various applications and sites you are registered on, you should find a tool that will help you store them. You can use this for your Gmail, Facebook or any other password. Naturally, various combinations of your passwords are easy to forget, especially if you have all of them at once. However, we have good news for you. There are some tools you can use to store your passwords and preserve them for you. We will present you five of them.

The Browser You Are Using

All of the browsers we are using today have some password management system inside them. When we say all of them, we mean all of them. Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Mozzila, Opera, etc. Usually, this system is located under the security or settings bars. After you activate this system, you can use the same passwords on your mobile phones. However, if you are going to use these systems, you need to be sure that your pc, laptop, or mobile phone is protected with the highest level of security possible.

Keep Your Facebook Password


Dashlane is a pretty useful application. It can store your passwords, act as the digital wallet, and even fill out forms on the internet using your personal data. Plus, you can use this application for free. But you can register and use a premium account for forty dollars per year. You can use Dashlane on all of the main platform Android, Windows, iOS, and Mac. Furthermore, it is available for all the most popular browsers as of today. The application is so powerful that you can log into multiple websites at one time, and it will remember all of them without any problem.

Two-step Verification

Switching to the two-step verification on the platforms that are supporting it, will add another layer of protection for your data, so the entity that is planning a malicious attack on your data, he or she, will need more information than password and username. That new layer is mostly a code that it will be sent to your mobile phone, and that will be only known to you. The other option is that you will have a program that will help you with the authentication of your password.

What You Can Do If You Lose Your Password?

Whenever you lost your password or someone is just trying his luck in how to hack Facebook password, losing your Facebook password is something that can be fixed. You can do that by clicking on forgotten account link beneath password bar, on the Facebook website. This will get you to the Find Your Account page, and after you will get to a profile check. Furthermore, you can reset a password and, in the end, you will get a six digits-long security code.

Keep Your Facebook Password


Sometimes you can be surprised what can you get for only five dollars. 1Password is an application that is used for storing and preserving passwords. As we already stated, you can get it for five dollars a month, or by paying sixty-five dollars at once. Of course, there is an option of you using a trial version for a certain amount of time. You can use an extension for your browser. That way, you will have the option of logging into a website of your preference with only one click. On this app, you can save more than just passwords.


And last but not least, we are going to talk about LastPass. LastPass is considered to be one of the most powerful and popular password managers you can find on the internet. Like 1Password, it is free, but you can use the premium account for twelve dollars per year. You can use it on all of the main platforms and operating systems. Yes, even Linux. Plus, it works on all of the main browsers.

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