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6 Things to have in mind When Preparing for a CCIE Lab Exam

Jobs in the information technology (IT) sector have become one of the most sought-after in the world. Primarily because they are very well paid and the demand is huge, so most people have no problem finding employment or changing company when they want to. Also, jobs in the IT sector mostly allow you to work from home, so no matter where you live, you can work for a company located on the other side of the world. For all these and many more reasons, so many young people choose to pursue a career in the IT sector. But also a lot of people who have done something completely different so far, want a career change.

For most people who want to change careers, different IT certifications are the best choice, because they last much shorter than college and can provide the necessary knowledge. That is why you constantly receive advertisements and offers for various IT certificates, and you can find a certificate for each area you want. Some are easier, some harder, and it is usually affected by what you want to do and how much you will get paid. There are some very simple ones that you will master in just a few months. And there are those, among which the CCIE stands out, which will take you a long time, but it will pay off. If you have decided on a CCIE, read what things you have to have in mind when preparing for a CCIE lab exam.

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About CCIE

CCIE stands for Cisco Certified Internetwork Expert. Cisco Systems, Inc. is an American multinational technology and they develop, manufactures and sells networking hardware, software, and other high-technology services and products which is why they are one of the world’s most famous IT companies. They are also very involved in the development of the Internet of Things (IoT) and many other things.

CCIE is their most prestigious certificate and it is expert level. Best indicator how prestigious and difficult CCIE is, is that less than 5% of Cisco certified engineers complete CCIE. That is why everyone who has that certificate is so respected, because there are so few of them on a global level. Also, the license must be renewed every two years. First you will have a 2-hour, written qualification exam and then an 8-hour, hands-on lab exam. Since you are interested in the lab exam, it means that you have already passed the written part and we congratulate you. Now let’s move on to the tips that will help you to successfully complete the lab exam as well.

Things to have in mind when preparing for lab exam

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  1. You will need a mentor

Successful completion of this very difficult task will be greatly facilitated by your mentor, of course if you have one. It is very important that you find someone who has already completed CCIE to help you and guide you through the whole process. The information you get this way will be crucial, because you will know exactly what to focus on and what is less important. If you do not have someone experienced by your side, it will be very difficult for you to finish everything successfully. So I advise you to immediately go in search of a mentor.

  1. Focus on lab training

Daily multi-hour lab practice is necessary to learn everything. Most of those who successfully completed CCIE say they spent at least 5 hours a day practicing. It is important that you understand all the concepts and then do everything as quickly as possible. Even if you have the knowledge, you must not be slow. And as we know, only with practice you will achieve the speed of solving.

  1. Stay updated

It is not enough to just learn and practice, but you must have in mind that it is necessary to always be up to date with the latest changes concerning the CCIE exam.

Versions change frequently, so if you don’t follow all the changes, you may miss something very important. As you can read at the CCIE exam has recently undergone changes.

Cisco changes its exam system to a new level from Feb. 24th 2024 and that is exactly what brought the change to have a core exam and an 8-hour lab. So always be careful and follow everything related to examinations, equipment and software or otherwise you are risking all your effort to be in vain.

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  1. Use different learning resources

Don’t learn from just one book because this is such a vast field. And certainly one book cannot provide all the necessary knowledge. So get as much study material as possible and read it. Also, follow blogs, forums and all other places where you can find out things related to the CCIE.

  1. Pay attention to your diet

There are things that are crucial to success and are not directly related to CCIE. One of those things is definitely proper nutrition and hydration. You will be exposed to a lot of stress and effort during the period when you are preparing for the lab exam, so this can have a negative impact on your body. That is why it is important to eat healthy and nutritious food. Although you are short on time, do not eat junk food and the like, but try to prepare meals that will satisfy your macronutrient intake. Also, drink plenty of water. While you study, you will be consuming a lot of caffeine for sure, which will make you dehydrated, so increase your water intake. It will not be worth all your knowledge if you are not physically and mentally ready when the exam day comes.

  1. Visualize

Visualization is a technique used by many successful athletes and other people. This way you can reduce stress and increase self-confidence. Of course, this will not be enough for you if you have not learned everything that is necessary, but it can be crucial, because you will overcome fear.


In the end, we want to wish you luck and to remind you once again that if you have in mind all these things that we have told you about, the chances of success will be very high

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