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Michael Burry Net Worth & Earnings 2024 – How Much He Earns

Do you know who Michael Burry is? Well, Mr. Burry is one of the most successful investors and hedge fund managers in the last decade in America. In fact, he is primary a physician, however, many of his career to date have been associated with smart investments and hedge funds that have earned him wealth. But have you ever wondered what the net worth of Michael Burry is? If so, check out the following article that contains early life and professional career details and of course the net worth of this successful man. So, if you’re ready, let’s get started.

Michael Burry’s Early Life

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Michael J. Burry or just Michael Burry is a successful hedge fund manager and investor, but above all a doctor. He was born on June 19, in the year of 1971. His hometown is San Jose in California, United States. His childhood was quite difficult because, as a very young boy with only two years of age, Michael lost his eye due to cancer. Since that time, Michael has an artificial eye.

Still, the disease didn’t defeat him and Burry was able to create a very impressive career that began at Santa Teresa High School, also based in California. After high school, young Michael enrolled in the University of California on a pre-med and economics program. Michael earned his M.D. (Doctor of Medicine) at Vanderbilt University School of Medicine, but didn’t complete the residency he began at Stanford Hospital and Clinics, department of neurology.

Although he didn’t complete residency, Burry was able to retain his license. As we said, in addition to medicine, his great passion is economy, more specifically financial investing which was his hobby during period at UCLA. Even during this period, it was clear that Michael have talent and he attracted the attention of some large companies.

Michael Burry’s Professional Career

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So, during his period of study, Michael showed great interest and knowledge in financial investing, which attracted attention of companies like White Mountains Insurance Group and Vanguard, and even other highly successful investors like Joel Greenblatt. Still, a key year in his career was 2000 when he founded a hedge fund named Scion Capital after his favorite book, ‘The Scions of Shannara’ by Terry Brooks.

Although the fund was created thanks to a loan from its parents, Scion Capital has already produced incredible results in the first year of its existence. This meant a gain of 11.88 percent, while in the second year as much as 16 percent of profits. At the end of 2004, growth reached a staggering 50 percent, which was about $600 million. Definitely the biggest success he has achieved is after moving to the Subprime market.

Subsequently, Michael made a detailed analysis of the market and concluded that the real estate bubble should collapse during 2007, which later became true. Although not all investors remained in his company, those who did it made huge profits of as much as $700 million. Michael himself has raised an incredible $100 million. After much success, Michael decided to close the fund and focus on other things such personal investment.

Michael Burry’s Awards and Achievements

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During his very successful career so far, Michael Burry hasn’t received a single official award. However, his financial predictions that made him rich are his greatest success. His career and personality were the inspiration for the 2015 movie ‘The Big Short’, which included popular actors such as Ryan Gosling, Brad Pitt, and Christian Bale that portraited Michael.

Michael Burry’s Net Worth

Throughout his career, Michael Burry has managed to earn a fair amount of money. He gained most of his fortune while working as a hedge fund manager during his time managing Scion Capital. We mentioned $100 million in revenue thanks to a smart and well-calculated investment strategy. But how much is Michael Burry’s net worth. Well, he managed to make a net worth that is estimated at about $300 million.

Beside of being rich and smart, we must emphasize that Michael Burry is great man above all, with life story that could be inspirational to people who starting investing in business. So, never give up.

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