Australian Coloured Contact Lenses – Average Prices

Colored contact lenses are a relatively new concept in Australia. Although they have been popular in many Asian countries for a number of years, and throughout the United States and Europe for a shorter period, it is only very recently that Australia’s started to have access to these colored contact lenses. As with all new products, however, it can be difficult to find these lenses in Australia for an affordable price; at least if you are concerned about purchasing high-quality ones.

Some of the popular brands of contacts in Australia are:

– Freshlook

– Maxi Eyes

– ColorNova

– Tutti

– ColourVue


According to, some of these lenses are slightly tinted, while others even blend multiple colors into one, creating a more natural and deep look to your eye. Some of the colors that Australian contacts are available in include blue, green, and brown natural colors. While the ColourVUE 3 Tone, for example, offers three-toned contacts that work excellent with both dark and light-colored eyes. Violet and brown are two of their three tone lenses that are hugely popular. These cost approximately $50 AUD for two contact lenses that have a three-month usage life. Storage containers and a small amount of saline solution is often also included in the price of colored contact lenses.

For something different, there is the ColourVue Glamour series of contact lenses in Australia The average prices of these is around $55 AUD and they come in a variety of shades including violet, honey and gray. These are three toned lenses that also include a much larger pupil area. This gives the double effect of both a vibrant change in eye color, as well as the appearance of having a larger eye. These contacts can be used on light and dark eyes and although they cost a little more, the quality is well worth it. It should be noted that these contact lenses, like most contacts, are only for cosmetic purposes and therefore are not to be used for vision correction purposes.

CalaView is another quality maker of colored contact lenses in Australia. They make two-tone contacts, that uniquely feature a black outer circle which results in extra contrast between the white of the eye and where the colored part is (the iris). This results in a subtle attention-grabbing look that will certainly turn heads.

Tutti Impressions also have a range of contact lenses in the country at around the $55 AUD average price mark. These are a much more subtle lens designed to enhance the natural color of the eyes. They come in a large range of shades including grays (sugar gray and marble gray), honey, hazel, ocean blue, evergreen, and true Saphire. These contacts use a normal-sized pupil but also have a very subtle and natural-looking dark outer ring around the iris, resulting in natural contrast enhancement. These are very realistic looking contact lenses that are reasonably priced.

These are just some of the brands and types of colored contact lenses available in Australia. The average price for lenses that can be used for a three month period before being disposed of, is from between $45 AUD to $60 AUD. These are highly affordable cosmetic lenses that are considered to be some of the safest and well-known brands.

Although some lenses may exist in the $20 and $30 brackets, these should be viewed as questionable, and you are advised to look into their origin, safety history and manufacturing process and standards before proceeding with such cheap contact lenses. Your eyes are highly sensitive and as such, only the safest contact lenses should be used, and only according to the instructions provided by the manufacturer.


Australian colored contact lenses have varying average prices depending upon the brand, type, style and of course, quality. As low-quality colored contacts have the potential to cause eye damage, it is of course highly recommended that you only buy top quality lenses from reputable brands. This may cost a little more, but not only will they look better and last longer, but they will give you the peace of mind that they are also completely safe for your eyes.

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