5 Vital Things to Do for a Class Presentation


Reports and presentations are already part of the everyday life of a student. However, being in front and doing all the talks might be nerve-wracking to some students who prefer the pen-and-paper type of test. Not everyone has the guts to do presentations that are well-pleasing to the teacher and his fellow students.

However, it is not too late to learn to develop confidence during class presentations, you may not be the best speaker in school, but you can still be the best version of yourself in presenting what you are about to present. Read the 5 vital things to do for a class presentation we have compiled below to learn more!

1. Practice Your Presentation


This is vital that you have to do before a class presentation. Practice or rehearse everything over and over again. Practicing your presentation will keep you getting better and better. Moreover, practice improves your retention until you’re doing it like it’s part of your natural ways making you more ready at the day of your presentation. 

You have to organize what you’re about to present using a script so that it would not be difficult for you to remember their sequence once you forgot the next topic to present. You can practice by talking and talking about your lines or deliverables whenever and wherever. For example, while washing the dishes, washing your clothes, compiling your papers, and even before going to sleep. 

2. Prepare a Backup Materials


Even if you have already prepared the materials or equipment needed for your presentation, always make sure that you prepare back up materials in case you encounter technical difficulties. Some of the backup materials you should not miss are a projector, flash drive, or even a cellphone to replace your laptop. 

Yes! You’ve read that right! Cellphones now have the laptop-like features that will help you with your presentation in case your laptop won’t work. You can just hold them using a cell phone holder for a hand such as this one and connect them to a projector. 

Your backup materials will save you from anxiety attacks in a stressful situation where your materials failed to function. Always make sure to bring backup materials with you so you won’t have to worry more!

3. Connect With Your Audience


There are students who got the best speaking style by learning the secret of connecting their audience to what they are talking about. Always remember that reading in front of the class won’t create any special connection with your audience. Maintain eye contact and let them understand that you mean what you actually say. Discuss the information that will not just capture the interest of the students in front but also for the students at the back.

You have to move around like you own the whole room in order to get their attention. Just like what your teacher says to you, you own the stage of that certain moment to make it worthwhile for your teacher and fellow students to see.

4. Apply Real Life Experiences


Ever heard of the famous line that experience is the best teacher? Yes! It’s one of the strategies that you can apply for your presentation. Aside from connecting to your audiences, engaging them in the discussion is necessary. 

Even if they don’t know a lot about your topic, if you incorporate real-life experiences, they can right away relate to it. Tell them stories and leave them a question at the end of the story. Any story will do as long as it will move there emotions, conveying the lessons of the story you’ve shared.

Family and love are two of the topics that most college students can relate to. Ask questions like these and you can be confident enough that you’ll succeed in engaging your audience to the discussion.

5. Be Confident! Smile More!


You have to be confident in presenting your topic. It won’t hurt your ego if you unleash the enthusiastic side in you and show to your teacher and classmates that you’re worth to be focused. You need to have all the guts and energy to discuss your presentation. Even if you’re feeling nervous, you don’t have to show it to them or else they will also lose their focus on your presentation. Smile between pauses so that you can relax without them knowing. 

Think of yourself as the one taking the role of the teacher, in this way you will be able to continue your presentation with a teaching-vibe, inhaling confidence for the audience to engage in the discussion and learn more. 


Finally, you have read all the 5 vital things to do for a presentation that will surely help you stand out among the rest! Keep everything in mind that works for you and present everything with confidence!

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