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10 Things to Do After Quarantine

The pandemic has been hard on everyone. It has taken a toll on us physically, mentally, and emotionally. Who knew we would have to lock up and think of all the things we once took for granted? Looking back at life before Covid-19 makes us nostalgic. What if this pandemic …

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How to Stay Safe While Moving During the Pandemic

The coronavirus pandemic has affected and impacted our lives like nothing most people have ever experienced in their lifetimes. There has been a stay at home and social distancing orders put in place. Many businesses and industries have been shut down. The real estate industry is still considered and deemed …

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Social Media In The Time Of Coronavirus

The world is in an uncertain place at this moment in time. All across the globe, people are struggling to deal with the consequences of the coronavirus pandemic. In a short matter of time, daily life has been turned upside down and our normal, everyday world has been replaced with …

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