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Top 3 Best Over-The-Range Microwaves in 2024

One of the most basic home appliances that is really necessary in every modern kitchen is the microwave. And if you think carefully about it, the microwave offers you many possibilities. Unlike in previous years, when these devices had fairly simple functions and were mostly used for heating food, today is a completely different matter. Most microwaves come with a variety of useful features.

Although there are several different microwave types on the market, OTR (over-the-range) ones are particularly interesting. As you might guess, these appliances can be installed above your stove. This is very practical because it makes you more space on working surface, which is sometimes very important. Additionally, these units have built-in fans that are positioned directly above the stove where you cook some food. In that way, they can be used as a range hood to eliminate all unnecessary odors and steam. Basically, the benefits of installing OTR microwaves are great, so if you want to get one for your kitchen, we suggest you check the following list of the top 3 units.

  1. Samsung ME18H704SFS Over-the-range Microwave

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When it comes to Samsung, we can say that this company is one of the leading manufacturers of electrical appliances and technology in general. Also, all their devices are characterized by excellent value for money ratio. The same situation is with their ME18H704SFS OTR microwave. While this device may seem expensive, it is actually the most affordable microwave we will talk about today.

This unit comes equipped with a variety of useful technologies such as several pre-set cooking modes, sensor cooking and very important child lock. The volume of the cooking area is 1.8 cubic feet which is quite good. It is also important to note that the interior is covered with ceramic to make cleaning easy, but also because of the additional reinforcement and protection against damage. According to the comments and ratings of many satisfied users, installation shouldn’t be a problem at all. However, the thing that most fascinated us was the 10-year warranty for the price tag of around $300 on Amazon. Therefore, there is no doubt that Samsung ME18H704SFS is a great deal.

  1. Whirlpool WML75011HZ Microwave Over-the-Range Low Profile

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If you need a stylish and modern microwave that will fit perfectly into the kitchen interior, then the WML75011HZ over-the-range by Whirlpool is definitely great pick. It is designed so that the dashboard controls aren’t visible (not literally). The only thing that is visible and that can really help you all the time is the clock. As you can see from the title, this one is actually a low-profile microwave and has a height of only 10¼-inches. However, when it comes to low, this is all that can be characterized in this way. The space provided for cooking has a volume of 1.1 cubic feet, while the microwave power is 1000 watts.

We mentioned earlier that there are microwaves that have built-in fans and can be used as a range hood. If you need something like this, Whirlpool WML75011HZ OTR is the right thing for you. Also, the speed of this system is 400 CFM which is quite good considering it is a multifunctional device. As for the price, the Whirlpool WML75011HZ costs about $550 on Amazon.

  1. GE PVM9005SJSS Microwave Aries

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Last but not least microwave is PVM9005SJSS by GE. This kitchen unit is also equipped with a ventilation system similar to those in range hoods, so, it can be considered multifunctional. Also, of all three microwaves, this one has the largest space for cooking of as much as 2.1 cubic feet. It is important to note that the power is 1050 watts and that the ventilation system speed is 400 CFM.

Many users emphasize stylish and elegant design as well as smart features. Specifically, with the Chef Connect function, it is possible to connect a smartphone and this microwave so you can use Bluetooth technology to control the lights on or off, or for example the clock synchronization on the control panel. All in all, the GE PVM9005SJSS is a fantastic home appliance that is the right choice if you want a modern smart kitchen. The current price is around $600 on Amazon.

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