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6 Ways to Know Your Phone is Being Tracked

Tracking tools can be easily installed on any phone if you have physical access to them. After installation, the application on the phone you want to monitor simply disappears. This way, the person whose phone you are tracking will have no idea that you have a chance to peek into her/his privacy without permission. These applications are intended primarily for parental control. That is their primary purpose. Minor children in today’s world full of challenges and dangers need extra supervision. However, on the other hand, these applications often know how to be used for bad purposes. When we say bad intentions, we mean primarily unauthorized review of adult correspondence and invitations.

Why would anyone do something like that? The motives are numerous: from jealousy to mistrust, and if this “game” is revealed, the relationship will still be shaken. These applications are most often used by jealous spouses, but there is a great possibility that your boss will do the same to “gain” trust and security in your loyalty. Either way, neither case can be justified. You may not have thought in this direction so far, but anything is possible. If you are still not sure if someone is monitoring your intimate correspondence and calls, we will offer you the following 6 ways to know your phone is being tracked.

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  1. Your battery drains much faster

You may have thought that your phone was worn out and that it was time to replace it because the battery started to discharge much faster. You wouldn’t want us to put a worm of doubt in your head: maybe you’re right, and maybe your phone is draining your battery in a hidden way. Spyware icons may not be visible on the monitored phone, but that doesn’t mean they are not sucking your battery. Let’s face it, running out of battery doesn’t mean someone is spying on you right away, but if that happens and you already have doubts, you’d better double-check.

  1. Unusual noise during a telephone conversation

No matter how long you use your mobile phone, you know how it works. A sudden change in the operation and sound of your phone can be a warning of various irregularities. But if you notice that you suddenly hear strange noises while making a phone call, you can almost be sure that hackers or someone else is eavesdropping or following you. It is important to know that noises or unusual echoes of voices are not a normal concept unless one of the parties speaking is not on the road or in a place where the range is quite weak. If this situation recurs, you better take your phone to a professional to check if you have a spy app.

  1. The device overheats very quickly

Surely you are used to your phone warming up while playing your favorite game or after a long phone conversation. Depending on the brand of the device, this is a somewhat normal occurrence. However, if you notice that your phone heats up much faster than usual, it can only indicate one thing: that your phone “works” even when you don’t already know. Updating data related to an application that you do not even know exists on your device consumes a large number of resources. This certainly causes the phone to overheat.

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  1. Data consumption higher than usual

The spy app monitors or records your messages and calls. Certainly, depending on the motive, it can record your daily activity online and in general, and even location. It sends all this information from your phone to the customer’s phone. With this process, it is clear to you that it consumes a large amount of data. You can easily see this through the increased consumption of data from your device. This can be another sure sign that your phone is being tracked. However, all these 4 symptoms follow each other, and if you notice them together, you can be sure that this is what you were afraid of.

  1. Unusual item on your mobile phone bills.

You may not have paid attention to the items in your mobile phone bill so far. If you suspect your phone has been stalked, check everything out. Such applications are usually charged. The price may not be so high that you can recognize the novelty from the account balance itself, but if you look at the items you pay for, you may get an answer. So, always check your bills before you intend to pay them.

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  1. Strange messages

Suddenly, strange messages began to arrive periodically. Most often, these are messages that look like mathematical code or some string of numbers and signs. These may be messages that are sent to your phone. The spyware software installed on your phone itself works by receiving these messages even though they should not be noticed. Many people will ignore them, but those who know these things must pay attention. It is not strange that such messages appear in your mail.

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Knowing that your phone was tapped, regardless of the amount and quality of information that was transmitted, is an unpleasant experience. As much as you claim it doesn’t touch you, practicing your intimacy isn’t something that can truly leave you indifferent. However, under normal circumstances, none of us will pay more attention to the items we have mentioned in this text. To pay attention to these things, you will always have to be motivated more. Ask yourself if you heard anything dubious or if someone close to you said or did something suspicious. Remember that your phone must be in the hands of a person who wants to install something like this. A brief disappearance of your phone or its discovery under strange circumstances can be a great sign that you need to make a good check to see if someone has had full access to the phone. So it would be best to put a code on your phone that you have never told anyone.

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