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A Guide on Bankroll Management While Playing Table Games in 2024

The moment of think of participating in online poker or other table games, the first thought that comes to your mind is about adventurous and risky bluffs, huge bets and scooping piles of chips after winning a hand. Amidst all these exciting things, most players fail to realize that the most vital part of playing table games is bankroll management.

What actually is bankroll management? If you’re a novice or a beginner, you need to understand that this has no link with how you play the game. It is rather about managing the money in your account and making sure you have enough funds available for playing a game on the table.

So, if you’re new to playing table games like poker or if you think you frequently have to top up your account with money, you’ve clicked on the right post. You need to know more on bankroll management in order to attain long-term success at the poker table.

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Poker Bankroll – What is it?

If you’re a table game player or rather a poker player, you have to maintain a poker bankroll. This is the total amount of dollars that a player has to keep aside for playing at the poker table. You have to add recreational and discretionary funds to this poker bankroll. As long as effective bankroll management is concerned, even though you may lose the total bankroll, you should still be able to afford your pending bills, your rent and survive without falling into debt.

Gambler’s Ruin – What is it?

Gambler’s Ruin or Risk of Ruin is the underlying principle that you will always run the risk of losing everything with each bet and the likelihood gradually increases. The percentage of risk of ruin is based on 2 factors:

  • The level of your skill and
  • The size of your bankroll

If you wish to diminish the risk level, you may play with a large bankroll. Moreover, the more skilful you are at poker; the lower will be the risk of ruin. Nevertheless, having a larger bankroll won’t mean you should keep moving upwards in terms of stakes. You can’t forget that higher stakes make it easier to lose money.

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Expert tips to effective bankroll management

Would you like to handle your bankroll in the most effective manner? Then check out some tips shared by experts.

  • Separate your poker money and your personal finances

Professional players usually treat table games like poker as a form of business. Just as you should never use your personal account for business expenses and vice versa, here too, you should never mix your personal money with the poker bankroll. At the worst, when you don’t have money, you’ll best struggle to remain in the game. That is much better than falling in a situation where you fail to pay your bills.

  • Don’t stop variance

The biggest possible difference between recreational and professional players is that the former prefer changing their game when they face impending downswing. You can’ forget that variance has no memory. Just as you can’t extend your winning hand by playing secretly, similarly you can’t break a losing hand by reckless playing. Take each game at a time.

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  • Move down in stakes when required

In case you already moved up in stakes and got poor results, never feel afraid to move down again. Beginners often have to repeat this process of moving up and down before you move up permanently.

  • Stay away from impulsive expenses

Are you playing table games at the casino? If yes, you may feel tempted to use the bankroll funds for luxuries like drinks, food and massages. However, you have to remember that each dollar that you spend is nothing but money lost that you can’t use later on. Hence, steer clear of unnecessary expenses. Follow learn more on table game bankroll management.

Tracking results for effective bankroll management

While you’re playing the game of poker, it is vital for you to keep a track on the results of poker in an accurate way. The main metrics that you have to record are:

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  • Venue: Is this an online game or a live game? Are you playing inside the casino or from anywhere else?
  • Hours: For online poker games, you may leverage the database software which computes your overall win rate or hourly rate. Not only that, even the live players needs to keep track of the hourly rate.
  • Type of game: Which type of game are you playing? Tournament poker or cash game poker? Single-table tournament or multi-table tournament? All these types will have an impact on the game.

How to boost your table game bankroll

Experts advise that cash games should be your anchor as long as your regular income is concerned. When you play tournaments, they show extreme level of variance and hence can’t be relied as a steady source of income for online players. On the other hand, cash games will let you boost your bankroll in a much safer manner.

Is it possible to become a better player at table games?

Regardless of whether you’re an amateur with too much of enthusiasm or you’re planning to go pro, mastering the game of poker will definitely take time, skill, effort and wit. Daniel Negreanu, the biggest poker winner of live tournaments will also tell you the same. You have to keep practicing the game, learning the art of poker, reading on poker strategies, advanced theories and watch first-hand reviews of winning games. The more you invest time in this, the better player you can turn out to be.

So, while it is true that there is no other game like poker, it is also true that luck plays a vital role in this game. Bankroll management might not be one of the glamorous parts of the game but it is definitely one of the most vital things to understand about the game. If you keep a close watch on bankroll management, you may have to pay fewer deposits and focus more on the game.

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