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What is Volatility & RTP in Online Slots and Why is it Important?

Slot machine games made their way to the online gambling world in an incredibly modern, fun, and unique way. With such a varied range of game titles that come with different features, attractive themes, and graphics, slot games become the most popular ones in the casino world.

Spinning reels at online slot machines is a very entertaining, relaxing, and fun activity. However, most importantly, it is highly profitable if you know how to play it. Choosing a certain slot machine guided by its theme and appearance, and sounds is not a way to achieve big profit. Instead, players need to pay attention to some other important characteristics when they are selecting slot machines. The chances of winning are different for every slot game, so it is necessary to learn about the rules and odds if you want to win more often.

If you have been playing slot machines for some time, you probably heard terms such as RTP and volatility. Even if you have no idea what they mean, it is clear that they are important factors in improving your winnings.

Why is RTP & Volatility Important When Choosing a Slot Machine?

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Whatever type of slot machines you are playing, the mechanism they use is the same. This refers to classic, modern video slots and progressive ones. In general, all slot machines are based on luck, which means that every spin you reel is independent and different from the previous. Therefore, every time you spin the reel, you have an equal chance to win. That is because all online slot machines are using a random number generator. This term refers to software that is used for determining completely random outcomes for every spin of the reel. Logically, this software ensures the fairness of the game because nothing affects the spins.

When players gamble on the online casino platform, they can be peaceful that casino slot machines do not have secrets, so the outcome they will get depends only on their own luck. However, every player should understand the importance of RTP and the volatility of slot machines.

Even though there is no strategy you can use to beat slot machines, you can be selective about the slot choice. If you select the online slot machines that have higher payout rates, you have a chance to win a bigger profit out of it. However, we need to point out that even if you play some slot with a high RTP, you still have a chance to lose a big amount of money. This refers to the volatility factor as well. In nutshell, before we start analyzing both terms, you should understand that their importance lays in the chances they are giving you to control winnings and losses on some level. Also, they will help you decide what games you should or should not play based on your gameplay.

What is RTP?

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When a player spin reels on slot machines to win a big profit, the selection of the right slot will make a big difference in the outcome. As we said, every slot has RTP. This term refers to Return to Player and it is expressed in a percentage. This percentage will show how much of your bet can be paid back if you play it. Even though you can not improve your winning odds, you can select slots that should pay you back more money, in theory.

What is Volatility?

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When it comes to volatility, it refers basically to a high variance slot. This factor determines how risky is going to be slot game that you chose. There are three stages of volatility – medium, high and low. Logically, the low volatility of the game means that it does not come with a big risk. However, a high variance slot will mean that you need to prepare yourself for losing your bet because gameplay comes with a huge risk. This may look bad at first, but if you take a closer look at this and think about it deeper, you will conclude something.

More precisely, if someone knows that high volatility means that he is going to lose his bet, he will avoid playing that type of slot. However, you need to consider one more thing – if you are ready to take a higher risk, you are going to get a higher reward. That means that even though the chances of losing your initial bet are extremely high, there is also a chance of winning extremely high profit.

How To Determine Volatility Strategies That’s Best for You?

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Every player has different gameplay, performances, and taste, so according to these factors, there are three types of players.

When it comes to the first group of players, they are practicing playing the game as long as possible with minimal risks and losses. They are having strict bankroll and they do not like to overstep it. Also, they are usually playing slot machine games for entertainment purposes and they are not chasing some huge winnings. Therefore, they are marked in a group of lower volatility games. With this volatility, the risk is minimal, and they are controlling their bankroll constantly. The slot game that comes with this feature is Starburst from NetEnt.

In the second group, you can find people who are focused on experiencing the adrenaline rush that casinos can bring. These players are ready to put all of their bankrolls and to bet a big amount just to get a potential huge winning. They are called high-rollers. Basically, since they want to get big payouts, they are selecting slots with high variance. For instance, the game called Book of Dead developed by Play’n GO is a game for these types of players.

Finally, there is a third group of people – the middle one. These players are playing a middle variance slot because it provides players with both of the previously mentioned outcomes. Therefore, if you like big winnings, but are not prepared for frequently high volatility slots, this can be an option for you. The example of this slot type is Gonzo’s Quest by NetEnt and Wolf Hunters by Yggdrasil.


Finding a reliable online gambling platform where you can play peacefully knowing that they are using volatility & RTP software in their games can be challenging. With so many sites on the Internet, it can be difficult to ensure which one is a credible and reputable one and which one is a scam. Therefore, we did a little research for you and found a site that ensures fair gameplay for its users. You can check and see their slot game library.

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