Top Three IT Certifications for a Promising Career in 2024

Did you know that Google cloud-certified experts, as well as professional cloud architects, draw the highest paycheck in 2024? According to an article published on, these professionals have an average pay of $139,529. Again, five top high-paying IT salary this year is for those candidates with cybersecurity certification. They get an average salary of $115, 867. 

Again, in North America, at least 63 percent of IT experts are undergoing training for additional certifications in 2024. It shows that people from the industry have opportunities galore when it comes to pursuing a career in IT with the right certifications in cloud technologies, information security, software development, hardware and infrastructure, and many more. Here are three of the most sought-after certifications in 2024:

1. Certification in information security


Cyber or information security is the most critical hiring area when recruiting IT professionals. Studies show that HR managers struggle to employ the right talent. Therefore, certifications in information security are in demand and employers choose the best of the lot. That is because the internet threats, data breach, and information thefts are common and increasing over the years.

It assures at least five years of corporate IT experience. Moreover, it is more like obtaining a master’s degree in information security and systems. Once you achieve it, you will take home a fat paycheck. A US professional in the discipline usually makes around $116,900 annually.

2. Certification in cloud technologies


Over the last couple of years, certifications in cloud computing have attained an exceptional level. When it comes to cloud technologies, they provide some of the major benefits to corporations in managing their daily operations. That is the reason why companies are hiring experts trained in the discipline. In 2024, professionals with a certification in cloud computing are much in demand.

According to, 40 percent of employers are finding it difficult to recruit people with the right certification in this field. If you would like to pursue a career in IT, you can look for IT certifications online that specialize in cloud computing. 

A couple of these are Microsoft Certified Solution Expert, Cloud Experts, and Cloud Security Certification to name a few.

3. DevOps Certifications


It is a new idea in the IT industry and many corporations are implementing DevOps practices and procedures in 2024. If you are looking forward to a promising IT career, you can make the most of a DevOps certification to acquire the required skill sets. It will help you ensure not only a career in IT but also better employment options when it comes to rewards, remuneration, and benefits. 

You will learn to use many tools like Puppet, Docker, Salt Stack, and Git to name a few. It is now the most sought-after technology in the IT landscape with a fat paycheck at the end of the month. If you complete the certification, you can earn approximately $130k to $150k annually. The major responsibilities are setting up IT infrastructure, cloud service integration for automation, and shell scripting in Python, Perl, PHP, and Ruby.


These IT certifications will help you acquire the right skills. Demonstrate your technical knowledge, expertise, and motivation that will help you climb the corporate ladder. 


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