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Filing a Lawsuit: The Basics to Know So You Don’t Waste Your Time

Litigation is possible for any situation. There are many lawyers out there who would help you for a fee. However, this does not assure your lawsuit’s success. For example, the big question is not only how to sue a hairdresser but also whether it is worth the effort to sue one. …

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Ways to Expunge Your Felony in Texas – 2024 Guide

You can delete a felony case in Texas by deleting or destroying the record. It can no longer be accessed through an undisclosed order through the relevant process after it is sealed by the court.  Chapter 55 of the Texas Criminal Procedure Code provides for these two procedures. Normally, there …

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New Court e-Filing System Implemented in Vermont Causes Confusion

Arraignments and all non-emergency hearings in Vermont courts were postponed since early March, but administrators in Vermont courts, while waiting for the order of judicial emergency in response to the pandemic to be lifted, implemented a new court filing system on April 20. Since then, courts in Windham, Windsor, and …

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