Which European Countries are Best for Dentistry?

Dental health is essential for everyone; it’s an obligatory thing. Today, it’s more common for people to travel abroad for dentistry. Europe is one of the most visited continents for dentistry. You’ll find some of the best dentistry here. The dental tour includes several dental procedures plus dental implants.

Whether you are looking forward to doing dental implants or other nice work for your teeth, there are various European destinations to pick from. People who take this kind of trip are looking for the best country with the best dental work. The good news is that there are lots of options! You will get one that fits your budget and be assured of a great job.

This guide shows you some of the various dental tourist destinations in Europe. Read on!

6 Amazing Dental Destinations in Europe

Europe is home to some of the best dentistry across the globe. There are many world-class dentists and dental care facilities here. Below are some of the European nations to visit for your dental care.

1. Portugal

This nation is known for its top-notch medical services, and an amazing country for dental tourism. Among the most common dental treatments for foreigners in Portugal are dental implants. Portugal is rated as the best place to do dental implants. The great skills of specialists and the amazing care and support earned Portugal a top spot in this regard.

To find some of the best specialists in dental implants, simply tour the country’s capital. There are numerous luxury clinics and dental facilities here. The service is simply a fraction of the price you would have to pay in your country, it’s pretty affordable. A dental implant in Portugal starts at £914, covering airport transfers, medications, and hotels. That’s fifty percent cheaper than what you find in the UK.

After completing your dental care treatment, you will be tempted also to tour some of the historical cities in Portugal. Enjoy the best cultural thrill and the great foods the country offers.

2. Germany


Many patients from the United States who don’t have medical insurance often tour Germany for several quality dental services. Yes, they are less expensive. In German clinics, sixty percent is saved for dental care and services. Dental dentists have a reputation for being trustworthy at home and abroad.

You will only find cutting-edge technologies in almost all German dental centers. These dentists foster their abilities in aesthetic, implantation, and prosthetic dental care. This helps them offer patients advanced methods and techniques.

Dental clinics in Germany are multidisciplinary. They offer maxillofacial and oral medical procedures to patients from Austria, the United Kingdom, the United States, and other countries. Most of the clinics here are certified by ISO. They are safe and provide qualified medical facilities to foreigners.

3. Italy

Many patients from Sweden and the United Kingdom pick Italy for restorative dentistry that incorporates dental crowns and implants. It is feasible to set aside about thirty percent for dental medical procedures and obtain qualitative and quick outcomes.

Italian dental specialists often finish their temporary internships abroad. They are engaged in clinical preliminary work to build new dentistry methods. Dental facilities here make exceptional offers to the foreign patients including language assistance, accommodation, and transfer.

Dental clinics in Italy offer any conceivable dental support, such as aesthetic surgery, oral cavity services, and the restoration of impaired chewing capability.

Qualified specialists give patients preventive, supportive, periodontal, and prosthetic dentistry. Numerous modern technologies and equipment exist for safety and quality dental care services.

4. Turkey


Unarguably, Turkey is often ranked as one of the top nations to do dental implants. Because of its obliging policy on medical tourism, Turkey is home to the absolute best dental specialists on this planet. The multiple numbers of patients worldwide are evident. They rely on the nation as the best spot, especially when getting dental implants.

Also, in Turkey, qunomedical patients appreciate top-quality facilities. They can also loosen up after their medical procedure – yes, in an appealing holiday setting. Many patients are also getting stay for a few weeks for quick recovery and to loosen up in a gorgeous urban environment such as Istanbul.

In addition to being one of the most incredible nations for dental work, Turkey is likewise the least expensive country for dental implants. If you plan to get a dental implant in Turkey, the price begins at £543. That’s about 70 percent less expensive than you would pay in the United Kingdom. Also, trips to Turkey are exceptionally low. There are always budget airlines with different flights a day.

5. Poland

Straight from the United Kingdom, Poland is just a two-hour flight away. The country is known to be one of the most incredible European nations for dental implants.

Poland provides lots of sophisticated medical facilities and infrastructure. These are used to deliver top-notch dental care services for citizens and foreigners. International patients get incredible services at affordable costs.

The country has consequently become notable for its greatness in dentistry, with individuals from adjoining nations like Germany. Germans on a budget often travel in to get less expensive dental implants.

6. Croatia


Croatia is home to incredibly famous beaches along the sparkling Adriatic Ocean. The country is the ideal holiday escape. But on the other hand, Croatia is also a perfect destination for low-cost, high-quality dental care. Many satisfied patients view Croatia as the best country for general dental work.

Here, there are loads of incredible dental centers. Additionally, it’s  the jumping-off point for island hopping. You will find dental clinics near the main airport of the nation – making it ideal for easy movement.

Note that Croatia can be extremely hot in the summer. You may not like this weather, so plan ahead or schedule your dental tour for the next cool season. Also, during the summer, the coastal towns are often occupied with guests.


Dental tourism is becoming more popular than ever before. Some of the best places to get dental care services at affordable costs are in Europe. With the list provided in this article, you can explore your options.

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