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12 Things you Need to Include in an Invoice Template – 2024 Guide

We live in a time when talking about money has become our daily routine. If you run your own business, you know how liquidity is important for a company’s survival. So how could you quickly and efficiently collect customers’ receivables and maintain the necessary liquidness? The answer is: easy as pie!

Trough an accurate invoice filling out, on which the payment timing depends. With the help of the invoice template, you will have full insight into what kind of information you need to complete precisely each invoice simple in an organized way.

Customize your invoice sample and create professional invoices in less than a few minutes using this site. To be more efficient and professional in this, we offer you below an article about 12 Things you need to include in an invoice template.

So, let’s start, shall we?

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  1. Indicate the name of the invoice

It is very important that you mark the document at the top of the invoice. This way, we will separate it from receipts, prices, and other accounting documents. By simply adding the word “invoice” at the top of the paper, you will avoid obscurities and unnecessary customer questions.

  1. Use a unique invoice number

As we all have an ID number, as well an invoice must contain one. It could be a combination of letters and numbers. To keep records as clear as possible, the invoice number must be distinctly specified for identification. Put this element at the top of the template, along with the word “invoice”.  Make it visible so customers know right away which account it is.

  1. The logo should be in a noticeable place

You know that a logo is a reflection of the professionalism of a company. We are sure you have one and therefore we advise you to add it to the invoice template. If the logo is in a visible place, it immediately builds a sense of stability and credibility for your business. This increases the chance of charging the invoice. Also, consider the font and color of the text you use in the invoice to make it readable.

  1. The name and address of your company are an unavoidable item

The name of your company, business address as well as contact number/e-mail, must be showed in the invoice example. These notifications are crucial to the client gets general information about your company. It also makes communication more facilitate between you and your clients in case of ambiguities and questions.

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  1. Don’t forget about the name and address of the client’s company

As important as it is to indicate information about your company, it is just as important to do the same thing for the company we intend to invoice. This information should be located just below yours. Due to the certainty that the invoice will reach the address of the right person/company, this step is fundamental.

  1. Detailed description of the main topic of the invoice

In this section, be as concise and clear as possible. Give the client a detailed description of the service/goods for which the invoice was created. If you follow these instructions and make it easier for the client to understand the invoice, it will save you from the client’s inquiries and additional complications.

  1. Point out the date the invoice was assembled

The date of the issue of the invoice affects the time when the account will be charged. An invoice that doesn’t contain this element will be considered invalid. We advise you to pay attention to this item.

  1. Date of delivery/due date

The date of delivery is a very important part of filling out the invoice. I’m sure this date interested clients the most. We hereby inform the clients about the delivery date, so we are talking about the date when the goods will become their possession. Instead of the standard phrase “delivery within a month”, we advise you to print the date in numbers. Dates are easier to catch and this will make it easier for the client.

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  1. Enter the price of each item individually

If the topic of your account consists of several items, make a clear list of them. Each item should be defined individually, indicating the exact quantity and price. This step makes it easier for us to calculate the total fee that should be charged by the invoice.

  1. Mark the total price

The total sum of all individual prices will be found right here. This is the amount of client debt you are claiming. Use the latest prices, don’t forget the discounts or offers you first told the customer. Since this chapter it’s all about money, there’s no room for mistakes! Make a detailed calculation and check the amount again before sending out the invoice. If you make a mistake, it can lead to prepayment/underpayment, and even to termination of cooperation.

  1. Terms and methods of payment

Your task is to provide users with as clear information as possible regarding the payment for goods/services. It is up to you to decide what the content of this section will be.

Before this job is done, a good move on your part would be to discuss these terms directly with the client. Through conversation, make sure they understand the terms as well as whether they agree with them. This way you will gain their trust and get satisfied customers.

You strive to enable customers to transfer funds to your bank account as easy as possible. If the customer does not encounter complications when paying the invoice, then you are more likely to renew the cooperation in the future. Therefore, use simpler phrases and expressions, be clear, and always available to your client in case of questions. Remember: the terms of payment are defined by you and they must be the responsibility of the client.

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  1. A warm message for the end

Issuing an invoice can be an uncomfortable job. To get some positive client’s reactions, you can send them a short warm message at the end of the invoice. We know that creating an invoice is a serious work to do that requires compliance with the procedure, but one “thank you” at the very bottom of the invoice can mean a lot to someone. It’s a great way to conclude this contract. Think about it.

When you have the task to do a responsible job like making an invoice, then we advise you to take your time and fill in everything that is required of you. Check your procedure 2 to 3 times to eliminate any errors. Using an invoice generator could make this work easier for you. To speed up the process, choose a free invoice template and stick to these.

We hope that these tips will help you to create upcoming invoices.

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