Vermonters' Support for Secession Increases Dramatically

A recent statewide survey conducted by the Center for Rural Studies at the University of Vermont found that the percentage of eligible voters who favor Vermont seceding from the Union and becoming an independent republic, as it once was between 1777 and 1791, increased from eight percent in 2006 to thirteen percent in 2007. The 2007 Vermonter Poll was based on a random sample of 599 eligible voters conducted in February. If one extrapolated from the survey to the population of the entire State of Vermont, there could be as many as 63,700 Vermonters who are favorably inclined towards secession.

To put this thirteen percent figure in historical perspective, it is important to realize that when the thirteen English Colonies successfully seceded from the British Empire, only twenty-five percent of the population actually supported secession. Furthermore, thirteen percent may arguably represent the highest percentage favoring secession of any of the 35 states with secession movements. For a complete registry of all of these secession movements compiled by the Middlebury Institute visit

These results are hardly surprising when you consider the response of Vermont voters to a second question, namely, "Has the United States government lost its moral authority?" An astonishing 74.3 percent responded affirmatively. Many Vermonters believe that this loss of moral authority stems from the fact that our government is owned, operated, and controlled by Corporate America. National elections are bought and sold to the highest bidder. It was the loss of moral authority which brought down the apartheid government of South Africa, the communist regimes in six Eastern European countries, and the moribund Soviet Union.

Of those Vermonters who favor secession, 83.6 percent would like to see the question put before the 237 town meetings in the state. Ninety-three percent would then like to see the issue considered by the state Legislature with 95.9 percent favoring a two-thirds majority of both houses for adoption.

Another year and a half of a convoluted war on terrorism, a foreign policy based on full spectrum dominance, unconditional support for the apartheid government of Israel, the suppression of civil liberties, citizen surveillance, corporate greed, and a culture of deceit combined with skyrocketing gasoline prices and a precipitous decline in the dollar could easily double the percentage of Vermont voters favoring secession.

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