Vermont Named One of the Top 10 Aspiring Nations by Time Magazine

The Second Vermont Republic has been named by Time Magazine as one of the “Top 10 Aspiring Nations” in the world.  Other regions appearing on the list include Scotland, the Basque Country, Tibet, South Ossetia, Kurdistan, Quebec, Western Sahara, New Cascadia, and Padania.

Short descriptions of each of the ten aspiring nations can be found on the website, January 10, 2011.  The piece about the Second Vermont Republic was written by Frances Romero.

Second Vermont Republic – Top 10 Aspiring Nations

By Frances Romero  Jan 10, 2011
Formed in 2003 by Duke University professor emeritus Thomas Naylor, the Second Vermont Republic bills itself as a “nonviolent citizens network” focused on independence for the state of Vermont and the dissolution of the Union. Why? Because of “the tyranny of corporate America and the U.S. government” and so that Vermonters would not be, as  “forced to participate in killing women and children in the Middle East.” The group also wants Vermont to become dependent on family-owned farms and businesses so as not to rely on other states or countries to sustain itself. Their flag is similar in design to that of an earlier Vermont secessionist movement from the 18th century. Read more about the Second Vermont Republic’s motivations.

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