Two Hundred Years is Long Enough

Two hundred years ago with the redcoats on the run
The Republic of Vermont was what we thought we would
But it’s never of full pockets or full bellies could we
So we sewed the fourteenth star upon the flag
You remember Ira Allen? He had a brother of great fame-
You must remember Baker, for Remember was his name
What would Baker or the Allen boys or ol’ Seth Warner say
If they could see the state we’re in today?

Cause it’s two hundred years we’ve served the Union well
Shared our bit of heaven, and raised our share of Hell –
Y’know we always did our part when the goin’ it got
But two hundred years is long enough!

There’s trouble in the heartland where they can’t afford their homes
Trouble in the cities where the gangs of junkies roam
They’ve got trouble in the oilfields, and in the cornfields, too –
This country’s in bad trouble through and through
Up here in God’s Country, they’re starving us again
How can we eat their empty promises an’ drink their acid rain?
And every time we send a message down to Washington, DC
We get the damn thing back again marked C.O.D.! (CHO)

Why should we feed the bankers, if they won’t feed our farms,
Or run and point a gun at folks who ain’t done us no harm?
Come all you ‘clayfoots’, you ‘woodchucks’, you freedom-lovers all –
Stand up and cheer to hear secession’s call!
It’s Vermonters to the lifeboats – this is a sinkin’ ship
And aren’t you sick to death of tryin’ to read the captain’s lips?
We’ve got a better boat, and she’s ready, don’t y’know?
We started buildin’ her two hundred years ago! (CHO)

c 1991 Pete Sutherland
p BMI, Epact Music All rights reserved

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