The Vermont Village Green: Alternative to Empire

1. The Empire. Void of moral authority, unsustainable, ungovernable, and unfixable.

2. Political Independence. Downsize, decentralize, demilitarize, democratize, and dissolve.

3. Human Scale. Small is beautiful. Human scale trumps the politics of money, power, size, speed, greed, and fear of terrorism.

4. Sustainability. Simplify. Make molehills out of mountains. Enough is enough. Repair, reuse, recycle.

5. Solidarity. Think, act, and buy locally.

6. Power Sharing. Devolve. Share power. One person, one vote.

7. Equal Opportunity. Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

8. Tension Reduction. Might doesn’t make right. Reduce tension; don’t escalate conflict.

9. Village Green. Small, rural, radical, clean, green, democratic, nonviolent, and communitarian.

Thomas H. Naylor
October 20, 2009