Only in Vermont

The Third Statewide Convention on
Vermont Self-Determination

September 14, 2012

Vermont State House
Montpelier, Vermont

Only in Vermont would it be possible to hold a statewide convention on political independence in the House Chamber of the State House, where the Governor, the Lt. Governor, Council of State, Congressional Delegation, and the vast majority of the members of the State Legislature are all unconditional apologists for the American Empire and vehemently opposed to Vermont separatism. Yet that is precisely what is about to happen in Montpelier, Vermont on September 14th. Not only that, it is the third such convention, the other two having been held in 2005 and 2008. There is no charge for the use of the most prestigious venue in the entire Green Mountain State, because it happens to be the People’s House.

The 2012 convention will take the form of a “Vermont Independence Party” which begins at 9:00 a.m. and concludes at 4:00 p.m.

Keynote speakers will be Morris Berman, author of the provocative book about the demise of the American Empire entitled Why America Failed, and Lierre Keith, co-author of the equally radical Deep Green Resistance, which unabashedly calls for the end of civilization in its present destructive form. The convention will also include a series of Pecha Kucha presentations on finance, fuel, and food by cutting edge Vermonters.

There will be performances by Bread and Puppet Theater and Vermont musicians.

The convention is sponsored by the Vermont Commons Co-op and the Second Vermont Republic. It will be co-chaired by Vermont Commons publisher and editor Rob Williams and Vermont Commons website editor Juliet Buck.

At the end of the meeting convention delegates will be invited to consider endorsing The Montpelier Manifesto calling for the rejection of the immoral, corrupt, decaying, dying, failing American Empire as well as its rapid and peaceful dissolution. Not unlike the 1963 Port Huron Statement issued by the Students for a Democratic Society, The Montpelier Manifesto is aimed at all citizens of the United States, not just those living in Vermont.

Please help us extricate tiny Vermont from the American Empire so it can join the community of small, self-determined, democratic, nonviolent, affluent, socially responsible, cooperative, egalitarian, sustainable, ecofriendly nations such as Austria, Denmark, Finland, Sweden, and Switzerland. Become a part of the most politically sophisticated self-determination movement in North America.

Join us in Montpelier, the only state capital in the United States without a McDonald’s (population 9,500). Free and open to all members of the public.

For additional information contact Rob Williams at or 802-279-3364 or Thomas H. Naylor at 802-425-4133.