Gotham: Metaphor Versus Reality

The storyline of The Dark Knight Rises may be more

relevant than it appears at first glance. Let’s just

say current events metaphors abound throughout

this flick. All superhero themes of good versus

evil aside, the central conflict pits Bane, who seeks

to bring an end to a culture of decadence and

corruption, against Batman and the Gotham Police

Department, whose response is quite simply, “Not

so fast, we’ll keep things just the way they are,

thank you.” One wonders what message Christopher

Nolan is promoting. What message is he concurrently

obscuring from his public? Although the Aurora

shootings of July 20, 2012 were truly tragic, I can’t

help but question the assailant’s motives. What would

drive a person to buy a Smith and Wesson M&P15

assault rifle, 12-guage shotgun, two glock handguns,

and 6,000 rounds of ammo? My guess is that the

selection of The Dark Knight Rises wasn’t the luck of

the draw. This guy may have been the most pissed

off and armed moviegoer to have deeply considered

the inner workings of the Dark Knight’s hometown,

our very own Gotham.