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The Vermont Secession Movement is Arguably the Most Radical Political Movement in the History of the United States

The Second Vermont Republic, Vermont’s flagship secessionist group, just may be the most radical political movement in the history of the United States—more radical than the Second Continental Congress (1776), the Confederate States of America (1861-1865), the Communist Party, and the plethora of anti-war and civil rights organizations which emerged in the late 1960s.

The Second Continental Congress called for secession from the British Empire and the Confederate States for secession from the Union.  The Communist Party and some of the anti-war movements of the 60s were often accused of advocating the violent overthrow of the U.S. government and wanting to replace it with a government of their own making.

According to the dictionary the term “radical” means going to the root of something.  In the case of the United States, the root cause of all of our problems is the American Empire itself.  Supporters of the Second Vermont Republic (SVR) are neither interested in overthrowing, replacing, reforming, nor fixing the U.S. government, but rather in dissolving it.  We not only want to peaceably secede from the Union, but we support the peaceable dissolution of the largest, wealthiest, most powerful, most materialistic, most racist, most militaristic, most violent empire of all-time.  We want to take it out of its misery and stop the misery it inflicts on others.

By far the two most successful political movements of the twentieth century were the anti-war movement and the civil rights movement of the late 60s.  The anti-war movement was energized by images of body bags and flag-draped coffins each night on the evening news, innocent civilians being torched by napalm in Vietnam, and college students resisting the draft. In the high-tech, sanitized wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, we have the illusion that no one ever dies.  The civil rights movement was driven by the high-profile acts of violence in the South during the 1960s. Secession is a much tougher sell than peace and justice, the defining metaphors for the anti-war and civil rights movements respectively.

The defining images for the American Empire are McDonald’s, Wal-Mart, New York City, Goldman Sachs, pilotless drones, suicide bombers in Iraq, and the U.S. supported Israeli military machine.  It’s all about money, power, and greed as well as military might, full spectrum dominance, and imperial overstretch.

If you really want to grasp what’s going on in America says trends forecaster Gerald Celente, you have to focus your attention on the alumni of Harvard, Princeton and Yale who make all of the big decisions about “bullets, bombs, and banks.”  It’s the only game in town.

The three biggest challenges to the Vermont independence movement are the Obama effect, the Tea Party effect, and the McKibben effect.  Two-thirds of Vermonters still believe that Obama is doing a good job.  They just don’t get it.  Obama is a smiling technofascist, military hawk disguised as a liberal Democrat.  The Tea Party, Tenth Amendment, Sovereignty, and Nullification movements are all kid’s stuff—much ado about nothing.  Environmentalist Bill McKibben has conned thousands of left-wing Vermonters into believing that political independence is an impossible dream without first achieving energy and food independence. A glance at Japan, which has the second largest economy in the world, makes it abundantly clear that this is not so.

Nothing could be more radical that tiny Vermont confronting history’s most omnipotent and intrusive empire.  Vermont will never achieve its radical objectives alone.  However, it may be able to sew the seeds of doubt about an empire which embraces endless wars, multi-trillion dollar deficits, Wall Street corruption and greed, suppression of civil liberties, and a culture of deceit.

Unlike most Americans, Vermonters are actually doing something to regain their freedom.  A dozen of them are running for statewide office as open secessionists.  They include candidates for Governor, Lt. Governor, and the State Legislature.  They deserve your support.

Although the David and Goliath nature of Vermont’s independence movement has attracted a lot of national attention, precious little financial support has been forthcoming from freedom loving Americans who seem to be unwilling to put their money where their mouths are.  Unfortunately moral support alone will not enable Vermont to lead the nation into disunion.

If you truly believe in state sovereignty and independence, then support the candidates of the Vermont independence movement.  Support the Second Vermont Republic.

Imagine…Free Vermont

Thomas H. Naylor

April 20, 2010

Nobel Peace Prize Recipient Prepares the World for War Against Iran

With laser-like focus every move by the Obama White House since the passage of the Health Care Reform Act has been concentrated on preparing the American people and the rest of the world for war with Iran.  Immediately after the bill was signed Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu arrived in Washington to address the American Israeli Public Affairs Committee and inflame the passions of Israeli supporters against Iran.  During his visit Netanyahu had two “private” meetings with President Barack Obama, the contents of which were never disclosed.

Shortly thereafter the White House announced a treaty with Russia calling for a reduction in the number of aging nuclear warheads in the two countries.  The treaty was meaningless, but it creates the illusion that Russia and the United State are on the same page when it comes to the proliferation of nuclear weapons.  A day or so later Obama made a surprise visit to Afghanistan to promote the war and boost the morale of the troops who have been conned into fighting there.

Upon his return to Washington Obama went to Andrews Air Force Base to announce his support for the resumption of offshore oil drilling – all in the name of national security.

This was followed a few days later by the announcement of new rules of engagement in nuclear warfare.  Above all, what the change of policy seemed to sanction was an attack on Iran, nuclear or otherwise, for any reason whatsoever. The new rules of engagement were nothing more than confirmation of the fact that the American policy of full spectrum dominance was still alive and well under Nobel peace prize laureate Barack Obama.  The United States can invade any country in the world, whenever it chooses to do so, for reasons of its own.  Hillary Clinton calls this “smart diplomacy.”

And then more recently there was the widely promoted Nuclear Security Summit.  This 47-nation conference held in Washington on April 12-13 was a complete sham.  It had one and only one real purpose.  To demonize Iran and justify an attack on the Persian nation by either Israel or the United States.

One thing is for sure, White House superhawk Rahm Emanuel is firmly in charge.  An Israeli citizen and son of an Israeli terrorist, Emanuel volunteered for service in the Israel Defense Forces during the 1991 Gulf War.

The only thing that prevented President George W. Bush from invading Iran before the November 2008 election was Russian Prime Minister Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Georgia.  Underlying Bush’s plan to take out Iran’s nuclear program was the premise that both Russia and China would blink in the event of an attack on Iran by either Israel or the United States.  Russia’s invasion of Georgia made it abundantly clear that this was not the case. The Russian invasion took the form of a line drawn in the sand.  The message to the United States was loud and clear, “Enough is enough.”  Russia was fed up with attempts by the United States to surround it by NATO and a strategic missile defense system.

The White House pretends that both China and Russia are sympathetic to the imposition of sanctions on Iran for not playing by the American Empire’s rules.  Nothing could be farther fro the truth.  When push comes to shove, neither the Chinese nor the Russians will enforce sanctions on Iran or support the use of military force against it.

The real question is how will China and Russia respond to an invasion of Iran by either Israel or the United States?  For a clue, check the prices of oil and gold.

Imagine…Free Vermont

Thomas H. Naylor

April 15, 2010

Vermont First

What do Governor Jim Douglas, Lt. Governor Brian Dubie, Senator Bernie Sanders, Senator Patrick Leahy, and Congressman Peter Welch all have in common?  They pledge their allegiance to the largest, wealthiest, most powerful, most racist, most militaristic, and most violent empire of all-time.  They are the twenty-first century equivalent of the Tories who remained loyal to the British Empire during the American Revolution.

Take neoconservative Governor Jim Douglas, for example.  He was the first American governor to have a private meeting with President Barack Obama.  Of course, he arrived at the White House with his hat in hand.  Douglas has spent eight years telling anyone who would listen how bad the climate is for business in Vermont.  At some point such talk becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  Anytime there is a conflict between the interests of the people of Vermont and Corporate America, Douglas always comes down on the side of IBM, Monsanto, or Vermont Yankee.  Douglas did nothing to prevent the deployment of 1,500 Vermont National Guard troops to Afghanistan recently.

And then there is part-time Lt. Governor Brian Dubie whose day job is that of an American Airlines Captain.  Dubie flies every week for American and also maintains his commission in the Air Force Reserve.  To whom does Brian Dubie owe his loyalty – Vermont, American Airlines, or the American Empire?  I believe the answer is clear.  Brian Dubie has done nothing for Vermont in eight years.

Unfortunately, the five neoliberal Democratic candidates for Governor are no different from their neoconservative Republican counterparts. They too march in lockstep with the Empire.  At a recent debate Vermont independence candidate Dennis Steele asked the five of them what they would do, if elected governor, to bring home the Vermont National Guard troops from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Their unanimous answer was “nothing.”  Secretary of State Deborah Markowitz then started babbling about what a wonderful country the United States was.  It was not the first time she had displayed her streak of superpatriotism.

The Vermont Legislature is more of the same.  Not one member of the House or Senate has ever had the guts to stand up to the American Empire and raise the possibility of an independent Vermont.  It’s as though they really don’t get it.  The Empire is going down.  It has lost its moral authority, it is unsustainable, ungovernable, and, therefore, unfixable.  Peaceable secession is the only way out.

Last, but by no means least, is the Vermont Congressional Delegation which remains committed to a government which condones illegal wars with Afghanistan and Iraq, unconditional support for the Israeli military machine, a foreign policy based on full spectrum dominance and imperial overstretch, multitrillion dollar budget deficits, endless Wall Street bailouts, corporate greed and fraud.  These are the same people to whom Vermont liberals refer to as “so wonderful.”

Vermont needs a new breed of politician who is committed to Vermont first, not Wall Street, Corporate America, or the Israeli Lobby.  It’s high time we replaced our Congressional Delegation, our Council of State, and the entire Vermont Legislature with citizens who pledge their allegiance to Vermont first.

Imagine…Free Vermont

Thomas H. Naylor

April 1, 2010