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What Others Have Said About the Vermont Independence Movement

“Tom Paine for the 21st century. A surprisingly compelling argument for applying the small-is-beautiful philosophy to the United States itself.”
–Jay Walljasper
Editor of Ode magazine

“I must assure you of my pleasure in, and approval of. . . the Second Vermont Republic. The assertion by Vermonters of a sensible foreign policy is wonderfully to the good. You have my agreement and my admiration.”
–John Kenneth Galbraith
Harvard Economist

“In the idea of the three American states’ ultimate independence, whether separately or in union, I see nothing fanciful, and nothing towards the realization of which the efforts of enlightened people might not be usefully directed. It is, to my mind, neither fanciful or unjustified for us to hold in mind at this time the whole problem of the future development of the relationship with the northern parts of this country and their immediate Canadian neighbors.”
–George F. Kennan
Former Ambassador to Russia
and Professor, Institute for
Advanced Studies, Princeton

“. . . a serious examination of our God given right of self governance and that right’s implication for secession . . . a persuasive case of the identical response to today’s ‘train of abuses’ that led the Founders to secede from King George’s tyranny.”
–Walter E. Williams
John M. Olin Distinguished Professor of Economics,
George Mason University

“In 1991 the Soviet Union was peacefully dissolved by the secession of 15 states. It had become simply too large and centralized. So has the American Union. Thoughtful people from every side of the political spectrum are beginning to realize that the only check to the tyranny, insecurity, and spirit numbing mass culture that continued centralization would bring is to seriously consider breaking the American empire up into alternative unions and/or smaller polities. . . . a compelling case that little Vermont would be better off out of the Union.”
–Donald Livingston
Professor of Philosophy,
Emory University

“. . . a powerful case for an independent Vermont. I think folks may soon be ready to consider this kind of wise and humane radicalism.”
–Bill Kauffman
Author of Look Homeward, America

“. . . a serious case for an independent Vermont, a Second Vermont Republic that could immediately enter the world of nations and thereby begin the peaceful, democratic, and indeed moral process of disuniting the United States.”
–Frank Bryan
University of Vermont Professor
And Author of Real Democracy

“From the standpoint of puppeteers and their subversive papier-mâché, the Vermont Second Republic sounds like a very good idea to fight the megalomania of the globalizers.”
–Peter Schumann
Founder, Bread & Puppet Theater